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VL-SRSAM:  The Vertical Launch – Short Range Surface to Air Missile

  • VL-SRSAM is a quick reaction surface-to-air-missile.
  • It has been indigenously designed and developed for the Indian Navy.
  • The VL-SRSAM missile has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) in coordination with the Research Centre Imarat (RCI) besides the Research & Development Establishment (Engineers), based at Pune.
  • It has been developed to neutralize aerial threats at close ranges, including the sea-skimming targets.
  • It features mid-course inertial guidance through active radar and fiber optic gyroscope.
  • Its launch was conducted to validate the integrated operation of all the components of the system.
  • VL-SRSAM was launched from a warship, off the coast of Chandipur in Odisha.’
  • It has an operational range of 50 km.
  • The VL-SRSAM system has been designed for striking at high-speed airborne targets at 40 km to 50 km range and an altitude of 15km.
  • Successful launch will further strengthen the defence capability of Indian naval ships, against aerial threats.
  • Before this, India successfully tested its nuclear-capable Agni-4 intermediate-range ballistic missile, off the APJ Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha.
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Vikas Yadav
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