Vedam Venkataraya Sastry

Kliponar / Poet  / Vedam Venkataraya Sastry

Vedam Venkataraya Sastry

Born: 21 December 1853

Died: 18 June 1929

  • He was a Sanskrit and Telugu language poet, critic, Telugu theatre star and dramatist.
  • He is known for providing authoritative editions of Sanskrit and Telugu classics.
  • He wrote original drama and translated Sanskrit dramas of Kalidasa and Harsha.
  • He established a dramatic association named Andhra Bhashabhimani Nataka Samajam in 1899.
  • His original works include Prataparudriya natakam (Prataparudra’s Play) in 1897 and Usha natakam (Usha’s Play) in 1901.
  • The former won a great reputation as a historical drama for introducing a Chanakyan-type character in Yugandhara, minister of the Kakatiya king Prataparudra, and for its patrochita bhasha.
  • It recreated Prataparudra’s grandeur and created other memorable roles like Vidyanatha the poet, Chekumuki Sastry the courtier, and the simple Perigadu and Yelli, who became synonymous in Telugu theatre with rustic humor.
  • He worked as Chief editor of Suryarayandhra Nighantuvu in 1916.
  • He died in 1929 in Madras.

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