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Sir Benegal Narsing Rao

Born: 26 February 1887

Died: 30 November 1953

  • He was an Indian civil servant, jurist, diplomat and statesman known for his key role in drafting the Constitution of India.
  • He was also India’s representative to the United Nations Security Council from 1950 to 1952.
  • His brothers were Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Benegal Rama Rau and journalist and politician B. Shiva Rao.
  • One of the foremost Indian jurists of his time, Rau helped draft the constitutions of Burma in 1947 and India in 1950.
  • As India’s representative on the United Nations Security Council (1950–52), he was serving as president of the council when it recommended armed assistance to South Korea (June 1950).
  • His writings on Indian law include a noted study on constitutional precedents as well as articles on human rights in India.
  • He served briefly (1944–45) as Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir state.

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