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Shiva Keshavan

Born: 25 August 1981

  • He OLY  is a six-time Olympian and the first Indian representative to compete in luge at the Winter Olympic Games.
  • He set a new Asian speed record at 134.3 km/h (83.5 mph) after beating the previous record of 131.9 km/h (82.0 mph) and won a gold medal in Asia Cup 2011 at Nagano in Japan.
  • In 2012, he set a new Asian track record at 49.590 seconds.
  • He is the reigning Asian Champion.
  • In 2002, the Italian luge team offered Keshavan full use of their coaches and training facilities if he competed under the Italian flag, but he did not take the offer, insisting he wanted to continue representing India.
  • He often speaks in interviews about his struggles to finance his career.
  • He claims in 20 years, the Indian Olympic Association hasn’t given me a dime.
  • Early in his career, he would borrow sleds for his races.
  • After landing in Montreal for the 2002 games, he hitchhiked to Salt Lake City.
  • In 2006, he did not compete for two seasons due to running out of funds.
  • He gets most of his money from crowdfunding on the Internet and in the 2014 Sochi games, his uniform bore the names of 50,000 donors.

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