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Shibram Chakraborty

Born: 13 Dec 1903

Died: 28 Aug 1980

  • He was a popular Bengali writer, humorist, and revolutionary who is best known for his humorous stories.
  • His best known short stories and novels are renowned for their unique use of pun, alliteration, a play of words and ironic humor.
  • He was a prolific author who also wrote poems, plays, non-fiction and novels for mature audiences in his long career.
  • His writing is noted for use of literary puns as a key story vehicle – speculated to be a first in Bengali literature.
  • He is also noted for his self-deprecating humor.
  • An example of this is the convoluted way in which he would spell his name in Bangla in his stories: শিব্রাম চকরবরতি (Shee-Bram Cho-ko-ro-bo-ro-ty).
  • He would often put himself into his stories amongst fictional characters.
  • The most famous and recurring characters in his stories are the brothers Harshabardhan [হর্ষবর্ধন] and Gobardhan [গোবর্ধন] and his sister Bini.
  • He also created a detective character named Kalke Kashi.
  • Advertisements for his books often bill him as the King of Laughter.
  • Aside from funny stories, his other notable writings include the dramatization of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel Dena Paona (দেনা পাওনা) under the title Shoroshi [ষোড়শী] (Sixteen Year Old Girl), the political work Moscow Bonam Pondicheri [মস্কো বনাম পন্ডিচেরি] (Moscow Versus Pondicheri; ) and the play Jokhon Tara Kotha Bolbe [যখন তারা কথা বলবে] (When They Will Speak).
  • His (so-called) autobiography Eeshwar Prithibee Valobasa (ঈশ্বর পৃথিবী ভালবাসা) (God Earth Love) is also regarded as one of his best works.
  • During his 60-year career, he authored more than 150 books.

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