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Shankar Mokashi Punekar

Born: 8 May 1928

Died: 11 August 2004

  • He was a well known writer in the Kannada Language.
  • He was a recipient of the Sahitya Academy  award for his novel Avadheshwari.
  • He was considered as one of the major writer in the Modern Kannada Literature.
  • His novel Gangavva Gangamayi was the magnum opus in the history of Kannada Literature.
  • Gangavva Gangamayi, Avadheshwari (Novels), Bilaaskhaan (Story), Maayiya Mooru Mukhagalu (Poem), Sahitya mattu Abhiruchi (Criticism) and Paschyatya Sahitya Vimarshe (Criticism) are major contributions to the Kannada Literature.

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