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Ram Chandra Shukla

Born:4 October 1884

Died:2 February 1941

  • He is better known as Acharya Shukla, is regarded as the first codifier of the history of Hindi literature in a scientific system by using wide, empirical research with scant resources and published Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihaas (1928–29).
  •  He started his work in the world of letters with a poem and an article Prachin Bharatiyoin Ka Pahirava in Hindi and by writing in English his first published essay at the age of 17—What Has India to do.
  • He wrote Non-co-operation and Non-mercantile Classes of India which was an attempt to look at the struggle of Indian classes in the set up of colonial and semi-feudal economy.
  • He wrote a long Hindi story “Gyarah Varsh Ka Samay” to inspire original writing.
  • His famous work Sahitya ka Itihaas was later edited online by a group of eminent Hindi writers and translators.
  • Hindi Sahitya ka Itihaas is considered as authentic Hindi literature.

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