Rajanikanta Sen

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Rajanikanta Sen

Born: 26 July 1865

Died: 13 September 1910

  • He was a Bengali poet and composer, known for his devotional (bhakti) compositions, as well as his patriotic songs.
  • His father Guruprasad was inclined to poetry and music and was a composer of Vaishnav and Shiva-Durga songs (Padabali).
  • Guruprasad collected age-old Vaishnavalyrics in Brajabuli dialect from Katwa-Kalna area and compiled them into a book titled Padachintamanimala.
  • His mother Manomohini Devi had an interest in Bengali literature, She used to discuss it with young Rajinikanth.
  • All these influenced his future compositions a lot.
  • He got interested in music from Tarakeshwar Chakrabarty, his friend in Bhangabari.
  • He was fluent in writing poems in Bengali and Sanskrit from childhood.
  • He started composing music for his poems and singing those along with playing musical instruments later.
  • His poems were published in various local magazines such as Utsaha, Ashalata, etc.
  • He used to compose songs for inaugural and closing ceremonies for various assemblies in his college days even in very short notice.

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