Pandit Taranath Ram Rao Hattiangadi

Kliponar / Artist  / Pandit Taranath Ram Rao Hattiangadi

Pandit Taranath Ram Rao Hattiangadi

Born: 6 March 1915

Died: 1991

  • He was a performer and teacher of Indian classical percussion, known for his knowledge of rare talas and old compositions.
  • He represented the Farukhabad, Delhi, and Ajrada gharanas of tabla, and the Nana Panse tradition of pakhavaj.
  • He studied formally for 47 years—an exceptional amount of time, even in the Indian master-disciple system—under many pandits and ustads, most notably Shamsuddin Khan.
  • He had numerous disciples and students of special training.
  • He  was a well-known curator of Indian percussion, but he is also remembered for his modern outlook on classical music, innovative approach to drumming, and progressive, systematic teaching style.
  • The dual-solo format was largely popularized by Rao’s disciples Ravi and Shashi Bellare, leading tabla players of the 1950s and 60s, and later by contemporary master Alla Rakha with his son the Zakir Hussain.
  •  His tradition is carried on by the Peshkar Foundation.

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