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Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana

Born: 4 August 1923

Died: 11 July 2013

  • He was a Carnatic musician, a classical vocalist, musicologist, author, and teacher, a great administrator and motivator.
  • He was a performer on All India Radio and Doordarshan who participated in Sangeeta Sammelans, outdoor broadcasts, and national programmes innumerable times.
  • His radio lessons and Bhakti Ranjanis were very popular.
  • He was awarded the Padma Bhushan award by the Government of India in 2010.
  • Nookala, when young, entered the traditional theatre and handled a few boy roles but classical music attracted him from the start.
  • He has started as a violin student.
  • Sri Kambhampati Akkaji Rao led him to Mangalampally Pattabhiramayya at Vijayawada, under whose guidance he remained for three years, after which he made his way to Vijayanagaram to learn violin under Prof. Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu Garu.
  • He accompanied Prof. Naidu Garu on his concerts all over India, and Prof. Naidu Garu introduced Nookala to Dr Sripada Pinakapani.
  • His singing style developed after he came under the influence of Dr. Pinakapani. Nookala sharpened his analytical approach, achieving a deeper understanding of the science and art of music and learnt to infuse the raga bhava in every note and phrase of the Kriti.
  • He was attracted by several musical greats but developed his own style of singing, never departing from classicism, yet expressing the beauty of ‘raga’ and the meaning of the ‘Kriti’, with special emphasis on diction.

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