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Mullapudi Venkata Ramana

Born: 28 June 1931

Died: 24 February 2011

  • He was a Telugu story writer.
  • He was especially known for his hilarious style of writing.
  • He also created a child character called Budugu.
  • Many other memorable characters like Radha, Gopalam, Contractor (in Muthyala Muggu), Tutti (in Mister Pellam) in modern Telugu literature/cinema flew from this master writer’s pen.
  • He was the dialogue, story and screenplay writer for many of the movies that came as a Bapu-Ramana combination. He was versatile in penning both heart-touching and rib-tickling dialogues.
  • After completing SSLC in Madras, Ramana had to do many odd jobs before starting as a reporter for then-popular newspaper Andhra Patrika in 1953.
  • Here he got the opportunity to interact with eminent writers of Telugu literature like Nanduri Ramamohana Rao, Pilaka Ganapati Sastri, Surampudi Seetaram etc.who were working for the same newspaper.
  • He was first working for the “Daily” section of the newspaper and then shifted to “Weekly” section.
  • While working here, his stories for children in the name of ‘Budugu’ (lil kid) were published and became very popular.
  • He authored these stories to present the views of the little kids off their elders in the family.
  • These stories are humorous, informative, knowledgeable to children and at the same time helping the elderly to know the thought process of their kids. Later, these stories were published in the form of a book, which was well received.
  • While writing for the “Cinema Page” section in the paper, his short and crisp writing helped him to gain popularity for his film reviews.
  • That was the same time when he got introduced to film industry and befriended the famous stars of film fraternity.
  • He got introduced to some great directors of those times, Adurthi SubbaRao and Dundi, who encouraged him to work for films.
  • RakthaSambandam was his first break as a writer; since then he never lagged in his progress as story, screenplay, dialogue writer.

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