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Madhu Rye

Born: 16 July 1942

  • He is a Gujarati playwright, novelist, and story writer.
  • Born in Gujarat and educated at Calcutta, he started writing in the 1960s and became known for his stories and plays.
  • His experience at the University of Hawaii introduced him to experimental writing and improvisations as writing aid, which later led to a movement against absurd theatre.
  • He moved to the US in 1974 and has lived there since.
  • He chiefly wrote novels, short stories, and plays.
  • His plays were successful and have been adapted into several languages and media.
  • He has adapted his novels into plays and some plays into novels.
  • The most notable is Kimble Ravenswood, which was loosely adapted into a Hindi TV series, and a Hindi film, What’s Your Rashee?

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