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Kongara Jaggayya

Born: 31 December 1926

Died: 5 August 2004

    • He was an Indian film actor, littérateur, journalist, lyricist, dubbing artist and politician known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema and Telugu theatre.
    • Regarded as one of the finest method actors of Indian cinema, he was known as Kanchu Kantham Jaggayya (Telugu) for his booming voice.
    • In a film career spanning forty years as a matinee idol, he starred in eighty films, as a lead actor, and lead antagonist in a variety of genres.
    • During his early career, he portrayed breakthrough characters in works such as Donga Ramudu (1955), which was archived by the Film and Television Institute of India.
    • He starred in award-winning works such as Bangaru Papa (1954), Ardhangi (1955), Edi Nijam (1956), Todi Kodallu (1957), Dr. Chakravarti (1964), Antastulu (1965), the Cannes Film Festival featured Meghasandesam (1982), and Seethakoka Chiluka (1981); all of which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Films in Telugu.
    • In 1962, he co-produced and starred in the political drama film Padandi Munduku based on Salt March, the film was screened at the International Film Festival of India, the Tashkent Film Festival, and got a special mention at the 5th Moscow International Film Festival.
    • He turned into producer with a film Padandi Munduku, under the banner of Jagruthi Chitra.
    • The film was released in January 1962 and was regarded as the first Telugu social film made on the basis of the Indian Independence movement.
    • He was awarded the ‘Kala Vachaspathi’ for his sonorous voice.

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