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Ashwini Ponnappa MachimandaBorn: 18 September 1989 She is an Indian badminton player who represents the country at the international badminton circuit in …Sports18 Sep, 2019sports
Anant PaiBorn: 17 September 1929 Died: 24 February 2011 He popularly is known as Uncle Pai, was an Indian educationalist and …Artist17 Sep, 2019artist
Ennackal Chandy George SudarshanBorn: 16 September 1931 Died: 14 May 2018 He was an Indian theoretical physicist and a professor at the University of Texas. He …Scientist16 Sep, 2019scientist
Sir Mokshagundam VisvesvarayaBorn: 15 Sept 1861 Died: 12 April 1962 Quotes: ” The way to build a nation is to build a good …Leaders15 Sep, 2019leaders
Sajan PrakashBorn: 14 September 1993 He is an Indian swimmer. He competed in the men’s Freestyle, butterfly and relay events at …Sports14 Sep, 2019sports
Syed Mujtaba AliBorn: 13 September 1904 Died: 11 February 1974 He was a Bengali author, journalist, travel enthusiast, academic, scholar, and linguist. …Writer13 Sep, 2019writer
Dr. K. Ayyappa PanikerBorn:12 September 1930 Died: 23 August 2006 He, sometimes spelt “Ayyappa Panicker”, was an influential Malayalam poet, literary critic, and an …Poet12 Sep, 2019poet
Lala Amarnath Bharadwaj & Vinayak Narahari “Vinoba” BhaveLala Amarnath Bharadwaj Born: 11 Sept 1911 Died: 5 Aug 2000 He was an Indian cricketer. He was the first …Leaders, Sports11 Sep, 2019leaders sports
Dhananjay BhattacharyaBorn: 10 Sept 1922 Died: 27 Dec 1992 He was an Indian Bengali singer and composer. He was a versatile Shyama Sangeet singer. He …Singer10 Sep, 2019singer
Bhartendu HarishchandraBorn: 9 September 1850 Died: 6 January 1885 He is known as the father of modern Hindi literature as well as Hindi theatre. He …Novelist, Poet09 Sep, 2019novelist poet
Bhupen HazarikaBorn: 8 September 1926 Died: 5 November 2011 He was an Indian playback singer, lyricist, musician, singer, poet and film-maker …Singer08 Sep, 2019singer
Neerja BhanotBorn: 7 September 1964 Died: 5 September 1986 She, Ashoka Chakra, Tamgha-e-Pakistan was an Indian head purser for the airline who died while …Leaders07 Sep, 2019leaders
Devang Jayant GandhiBorn: 6 September 1971 He is an Indian cricketer. He is a right-handed opening batsman and a very occasional right-arm …Sports06 Sep, 2019sports
Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanBorn: 5 September 1888 Died: 17 April 1975 Quote:  “Books are the means by which we build bridges between cultures” …Social activist05 Sep, 2019social-activist
Sir Dadabhai Naoroji DordiBorn: 4 September 1825 Died: 30 June 1917 He also known as the “Grand Old Man of India“ and “Unofficial Ambassador of …Leaders04 Sep, 2019leaders
Uttam KumarBorn: 3 September 1926 Died: 24 July 1980 He was an Indian film actor, director, producer, and singer who predominantly …Bollywood Celebrity03 Sep, 2019bollywood-celebrity
Sadhana ShivdasaniBorn: 2 September 1941 Died: 25 December 2015 She popularly was known by the mononym Sadhana was an Indian film actress, …Bollywood Celebrity02 Sep, 2019bollywood-celebrity
Sailendra Nath MannaBorn: 1 September 1924 Died: 27 February 2012 He known popularly as Sailen Manna was an Indian international footballer and is considered to be …Sports01 Sep, 2019sports
Amrita PritamBorn: 31 August 1919 Died: 31 October 2005 She was an Indian novelist, essayist, and poet, who wrote in Punjabi …Social activist31 Aug, 2019social-activist
Bhagwati Charan VermaBorn: 30 August 1903 Died: 5 October 1981 He was one of the leading writers in Hindi. He wrote many …Writer30 Aug, 2019writer
Dhyan ChandBorn: 29 August 1905 Died: 3 December 1979 He was an Indian hockey player and one of the greatest hockey …Sports29 Aug, 2019sports
Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar MenonBorn: 28 August 1928 Died: 22 November 2016 He also is known as M. G. K. Menon, was a physicist and policy …Scientist28 Aug, 2019scientist
Dalip Singh Rana & Sir Dorabji TataDalip Singh Rana Born: 27 August 1972 He better known by the ring name The Great Khali, is an Indian professional wrestler, …Leaders, Sports27 Aug, 2019leaders sports
Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi & Mary Teresa BojaxhiuBalkrishna Vithaldas Doshi Born: 26 August 1927   He, OAL, is an Indian architect. He is considered to be an important …Artist, Social activist26 Aug, 2019artist social-activist
Shiva KeshavanBorn: 25 August 1981 He OLY  is a six-time Olympian and the first Indian representative to compete in luge at the Winter Olympic Games. He set a …Sports25 Aug, 2019sports
Sanjukta PanigrahiBorn: 24 August 1944 Died: 24 June 1997 He was a dancer from India, who was the foremost exponent of Indian classical …Artist24 Aug, 2019artist
Govind Vinayak KarandikarBorn: 23 August 1918 Died: 14 March 2010 He better known as Vindā, was a well-known Marathi poet, writer, literary critic, …Writer23 Aug, 2019writer
Harishankar Parsai & Sombhu MitraHarishankar Parsai Born: 22 August 1924 Died: 10 August 1995 He was a Hindi writer. He was a noted satirist …Artist, Writer22 Aug, 2019artist writer
Gautam Radhakrishna DesirajuBorn: 21 August 1952 He is an Indian chemist who has contributed substantially to the themes of crystal engineering and weak hydrogen bonding. He …Scientist21 Aug, 2019scientist
Gostha Behari PalBorn: 20 August 1896 Died: 8 April 1976 He was an Indian professional football player. He was the first captain of …Sports20 Aug, 2019sports
Hazari Prasad Dwivedi & Prof Bhabananda DekaHazari Prasad Dwivedi Born: 19 August 1907 Died: 19 May 1979 He was a Hindi novelist, literary historian, essayist, critic …Novelist, Writer19 Aug, 2019novelist writer
Sampooran Singh Kalra & Vijaya Lakshmi PanditSampooran Singh Kalra Born: 18 August 1934 He known popularly by his pen name Gulzar, is an Indian film director, …Bollywood Celebrity, Leaders, Poet18 Aug, 2019bollywood-celebrity leaders poet
Gauhar RazaBorn:17 August 1956 He is an Indian scientist by profession, and a leading Urdu poet, social activist and documentary filmmaker …Artist, Poet, Scientist17 Aug, 2019artist poet scientist
Sardar Gouthu LatchannaBorn: 16 August 1909 Died: 19 April 2006 He was a veteran freedom fighter from India. He was a champion of kisans, …Leaders16 Aug, 2019leaders
Pran Kumar SharmaBorn: 15 August 1938 Died: 5 August 2014 He better known as Pran was an Indian cartoonist best known as the creator of Chacha …Artist15 Aug, 2019artist
Tiruppattur Venkatachalamurti RamakrishnanBorn: 14 August 1941 He is an Indian theoretical physicist known for his contributions in condensed matter physics. He is at present DAE Homi …Scientist14 Aug, 2019scientist
VyjayanthimalaBorn: 13 August 1936 She is an Indian film actress, Bharathanatyam dancer, Carnatic singer, dance choreographer, and parliamentarian. Regarded as the “first female …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity13 Aug, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Vikram Ambalal SarabhaiBorn: 12 August 1919 Died: 30 December 1971 He was an Indian scientist and innovator widely regarded as the father …Scientist12 Aug, 2019scientist
Lalmani MisraBorn: 11 August 1924 Died: 17 July 1979 He was an eminent Indian classical musician known as much for his …Music11 Aug, 2019music
Prem Chand Pandey & Fateh Singh RathorePrem Chand Pandey Born: 10 August 1945 He is an Indian scientist and academic in the fields of Satellite Oceanography, …Scientist10 Aug, 2019scientist
Manohar Shyam Joshi & Alladi RamakrishnanManohar Shyam Joshi Born: 9 August 1933 Died: 30 March 2006 He was a Hindi writer, journalist, and scriptwriter, most …Scientist, Writer09 Aug, 2019scientist writer
Prabhu Lal Bhatnagar & Dilip Narayan SardesaiPrabhu Lal Bhatnagar  Born: 8 August 1912 Died: 5 October 1976 He commonly addressed as P. L. Bhatnagar, was an …Scientist, Sports08 Aug, 2019scientist sports
Mankombu Sambasivan Swaminathan & Abanindranath TagoreMankombu Sambasivan Swaminathan Born: 7 August 1925 He is an Indian geneticist and administrator, known for his role in India’s …Artist, Leaders07 Aug, 2019artist leaders
Rajendra SinghBorn: 6 August 1959 He is a well-known water conservationist & environmentalist from Alwar district, Rajasthan in India. Also known as “waterman of …Social activist06 Aug, 2019social-activist
Gita DeyBorn: 5 August 1931 Died: 17 January 2011 She was an Indian actress in Bengali cinema, theatre, and Bengali folk …Artist05 Aug, 2019artist
Kishore KumarBorn: 4 August 1929 Died: 13 October 1987 He was an Indian playback singer, actor, music director, lyricist, film story writer, film director, producer and screenwriter. He is considered as …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity, Singer04 Aug, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity singer
Maithili Sharan GuptBorn: 3 August 1886 Died: 12 December 1964 He was one of the most important modern Hindi poets. He is …Poet03 Aug, 2019poet
Pingali VenkayyaBorn: 2 August 1876 Died: 4 July 1963 He was an Indian freedom fighter and the designer of the flag …Leaders02 Aug, 2019leaders
Meena KumariBorn: 1 August 1933 Died: 31 March 1972 She was an Indian film actress, singer and poet under the pseudonym …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity01 Aug, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Dhanpat Rai ShrivastavaBorn: 31 July 1880 Died: 8 October 1936 He better known by his pen name Munshi Premchand was an Indian writer …Novelist, Writer31 Jul, 2019novelist writer
Sonu NigamBorn: 30 July 1973 He is an Indian playback singer, composer, live performer, host, and actor. He sings predominantly in Hindi and Kannada language films. He …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity30 Jul, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Anup Jalota & Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy TataAnup Jalota Born: 29 July 1953 He is an Indian singer and musician, best known for his performances in the Hindu …Leaders, Singer29 Jul, 2019leaders singer
Harris Sam Sahayam LawrenceBorn: 28 July 1923 Died: 21 April 2009 He was an Indian educationalist born in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu. As Special …Leaders28 Jul, 2019leaders
Vishwa Mohan BhattBorn:  27 July 1950 He is a Hindustani classical music instrumentalist who plays the Mohan Veena (slide guitar). He is best known for …Artist27 Jul, 2019artist
Rajanikanta SenBorn: 26 July 1865 Died: 13 September 1910 He was a Bengali poet and composer, known for his devotional (bhakti) compositions, …Artist, Singer26 Jul, 2019artist singer
Sudhir PhadkeBorn: 25 July 1919 Died: 29 July 2002 He was an accomplished Marathi singer-composer from India. He was regarded as …Artist, Singer25 Jul, 2019artist singer
Manoj Kumar & Azim Hashim PremjiManoj Kumar Born: 24 July 1937 He is an Indian actor and director in Bollywood. He is remembered for his versatile …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity, Leaders24 Jul, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity leaders
Bal Gangadhar Tilak & Chandra Shekhar AzadBal Gangadhar Tilak Born: 23 July 1856 Died: 1 August 1920 He born as Keshav Gangadhar Tilak, was an Indian nationalist, …Leaders23 Jul, 2019leaders
Mukesh Chand MathurBorn: 22 July 1923 Died:  27 August 1976 He better known mononymously as Mukesh, was an Indian playback singer. He is …Artist, Singer22 Jul, 2019artist singer
Chandrakant Gulabrao “Chandu” BordeBorn: 21 July 1934 He is a former cricketer who was a member of the Indian team between 1958 and 1970. Following his …Sports21 Jul, 2019sports
P. Kesava PillaiBorn: 20 July 1904 Died: 1 July 1983 He, better known by his pen-name P. Kesavadev, was a novelist and social …Novelist20 Jul, 2019novelist
Nalapat Balamani AmmaBorn: 19 July 1909 Died:29 September 2004 She was an Indian poet who wrote in Malayalam. She was a prolific …Poet19 Jul, 2019poet
Kadambini GangulyBorn: 18 July 1861 Died: 3 October 1923 She was the first female graduate from India as well as from …Leaders18 Jul, 2019leaders
Nirmal Jit Singh SekhonBorn: 17 July 1943 Died: 14 December 1971 He was an officer of the Indian Air Force. He was posthumously …Indian Army17 Jul, 2019indian-army
Dhanraj PillayBorn: 16 July 1968 He is a retired Indian field hockey player and former captain of the Indian national team. …Sports16 Jul, 2019sports
A Sivathanu PillaiBorn: 15 July 1947 He is an Indian scientist who currently serves as an Honorary Distinguished Professor at Indian Space …Scientist15 Jul, 2019scientist
Amritsar Govindsingh Ram SinghBorn: 14 July 1910 Died: 11 August 1999 He was an Indian first-class cricketer. An allrounder, he bowled slow left-arm …Sports14 Jul, 2019sports
Kesarbai KerkarBorn: 13 July 1892 Died: 16 September 1977 She was an Indian classical vocalist of the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana. A protege …Music, Singer13 Jul, 2019music singer
Manohar MalgonkarBorn: 12 July 1913 Died: 14 June 2010 He was an Indian author of both fiction and nonfiction in the …Writer12 Jul, 2019writer
Amitav GhoshBorn: 11 July 1956 Website : He is an Indian writer and the winner of the 54th Jnanpith award, best …Writer11 Jul, 2019writer
Sunil Manohar GavaskarBorn: 10 July 1949 He often known as Sunny Gavaskar, is a former Indian international cricketer who played from the …Sports10 Jul, 2019sports
Kailasam BalachanderBorn: 9 July 1930 Died: 23 December 2014 He was an Indian filmmaker and playwright who worked mainly in the …Artist09 Jul, 2019artist
Sourav Chandidas GangulyBorn: 8 July 1972 He affectionately known as Dada , is an Indian cricket commentator and former cricketer and captain of the Indian …Sports08 Jul, 2019sports
Mahendra Singh DhoniBorn: 7 July 1981 He commonly known as MS Dhoni, is an Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national …Sports07 Jul, 2019sports
Guru Mayadhar RautBorn: 6 July 1930 He is an Indian classical Odissi dancer, choreographer, and Guru. He was born in the village …Artist06 Jul, 2019artist
Lalji SinghBorn: 5 July 1947 Died: 10 December 2017 He was an Indian scientist who worked in the field of DNA …Scientist05 Jul, 2019scientist
Yuki BhambriBorn: 4 July 1992 He is a professional tennis player from India. He is a former junior no. 1 and winner of the 2009 …Sports04 Jul, 2019sports
Adoor GopalakrishnanBorn:3 July 1941 He is an Indian film director, scriptwriter, and producer and is regarded as one of the most notable filmmakers in India. With …Artist03 Jul, 2019artist
Mohammed AzizBorn:2 July 1954 Died:27 November 2018 He was an Indian playback singer in the Bollywood, Bengali and Odia film industries. …Artist, Singer02 Jul, 2019artist singer
Bharat Ratna Hariprasad Chaurasia & Bidhan Chandra RoyBharat Ratna Hariprasad Chaurasia Born: 1 July 1938 He is an Indian music director and classical flutist, who plays the bansuri, an Indian …Artist, Leaders01 Jul, 2019artist leaders
Vaidyanath MishraBorn: 30 June 1911 Died: 5 November 1998 He better known by his pen name Nagarjun, was a Hindi and Maithili poet who has also penned …Poet30 Jun, 2019poet
Padmanabha Krishnagopala Iyengar & Prasanta Chandra MahalanobisPadmanabha Krishnagopala Iyengar Born:29 June 1931 Died:21 December 2011 He was an Indian nuclear physicist who is widely known for …Scientist29 Jun, 2019scientist
Mullapudi Venkata RamanaBorn: 28 June 1931 Died: 24 February 2011 He was a Telugu story writer. He was especially known for his …Writer28 Jun, 2019writer
Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha & Bankimchandra ChatterjeePilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha Born: 27 June 1964 She is a retired Indian track and field athlete. She has been associated with Indian …Poet, Sports, Writer27 Jun, 2019poet sports writer
Major Rama Raghoba RaneBorn: 26 June 1918 Died: 11 July 1994 He was an officer in the Indian Army. He was a recipient …Indian Army26 Jun, 2019indian-army
Lieutenant Manoj Kumar PandeyBorn: 25 June 1975 Died: 3 July 1999 He was an Indian Army officer of the 1st battalion, 11 Gorkha …Indian Army25 Jun, 2019indian-army
Manayangath Subramanian ViswanathanBorn: 24 June 1928 Died: 14 July 2015 He also known as M.S.V., was an Indian music director, composer, and singer. He was …Artist, Singer24 Jun, 2019artist singer
Moorkkanaat Krishnankutty MenonBorn: 23 June 1928 Died: 15 May 1993 He better known by his nom de plume Vilasini, was an Indian writer from Kerala who …Writer23 Jun, 2019writer
Amrishlal PuriBorn: 22 June 1932 Died: 12 January 2005 He was an Indian actor, who was an important figure in Indian …Bollywood Celebrity22 Jun, 2019bollywood-celebrity
Vishnu PrabhakarBorn: 21 June 1912 Died: 11 April 2009 He was a Hindi writer. He had several short stories, novels, plays …Novelist, Writer21 Jun, 2019novelist writer
Vikram SethBorn: 20 June 1952 He is an Indian novelist and poet. He has written several novels and poetry books. He has received several awards such as Padma Shri, Sahitya …Novelist, Poet20 Jun, 2019novelist poet
Dr. Amiya Kumar PujariBorn: 19 June 1948 Died: 4 March 2003 He was an Indian computer scientist and information technology pioneer and leader. …Scientist19 Jun, 2019scientist
Homi Dady MotivalaBorn: 18 June 1958 He is an Indian sportsperson in Yachting. He received the Arjuna award for best performance in yachting …Sports18 Jun, 2019sports
Leander Adrian PaesBorn:17 June 1973 He is an Indian professional tennis player who is considered to be one of the best doubles …Sports17 Jun, 2019sports
Akhlaq Mohammad Khan ‘Shahryar’Born: 16 June 1936 Died: 13 February 2012 He was an Indian academician, and a doyen of Urdu poetry in …Poet16 Jun, 2019poet
Ustad Zia Fariduddin DagarBorn: 15 June 1932 Died: 8 May 2013 He was an Indian classical vocalist belonging to the Dhrupad tradition, the …Artist15 Jun, 2019artist
Karikkatt Marathu Kuttikrishna MararBorn:14 June 1900 Died:6 April 1973 He was an Indian essayist and literary critic of Malayalam literature. He was known for Bharathaparyadanam, a …Writer14 Jun, 2019writer
Deepika KumariBorn:13 June 1994 She is an Indian athlete who competes in the event of archery, is currently ranked World No. …Sports13 Jun, 2019sports
Elattuvalapil SreedharanBorn:12 June 1932 He is an Indian civil engineer and a retired IRSE officer popularly known as the “Metro Man”. …Leaders12 Jun, 2019leaders
Tripunithura Viswanathan GopalakrishnanBorn:11 June 1932 He popularly known as TVG, is a Carnatic and Hindustani musician from Chennai. He was awarded the Madras Music Academy’s Sangeetha Kalanidhi …Singer11 Jun, 2019singer
Prakash PadukoneBorn:10 June 1955 He is a former Indian badminton player. He was ranked World No. 1 in 1980; the same year …Sports10 Jun, 2019sports
Vincent John Peter SaldanhaBorn: 9 June 1925 Died: 22 February 2000 He was an Indian Konkani language littérateur, dramatist, novelist, short-story writer and …Novelist, Poet09 Jun, 2019novelist poet
Moolayil Narayana Menon VijayanBorn: 8 June 1930 Died: 3 October 2007 He was an Indian academic, orator, columnist and writer of Malayalam literature. …Writer08 Jun, 2019writer
Mahesh Shrinivas BhupathiBorn: 7 June 1974 He is a retired Indian professional tennis player. In 1997, he became the first Indian to …Sports07 Jun, 2019sports
Maasthi Venkatesha IyengarBorn: 6 June 1891 Died: 6 June 1986 He was a well-known writer in Kannada language. He was the fourth …Writer06 Jun, 2019writer
Harishchandra Madhavrao BirajdarBorn: 5 June 1950 Died: 14 September 2011 He was a wrestler and wrestling coach from India. He was a …Sports05 Jun, 2019sports
Nutan BahlBorn:4 June 1936 Died:21 February 1991 She was better known as Nutan, was an Indian film actress. In a career …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity04 Jun, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
G.Sankara KurupBorn: 3 June 1901 Died: 2 February 1978 He better known as Mahakavi G (The Great Poet G), was an Indian …Poet03 Jun, 2019poet
Gopala Ratnam SubramaniamBorn: 2 June 1956 He commonly known by his screen name Mani Ratnam, is an Indian film director, screenwriter, and …Bollywood Celebrity02 Jun, 2019bollywood-celebrity
Nargis DuttBorn: 1 June 1929 Died:3 May 1981 She also known by her stage name Nargis, was an Indian film actress, who …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity01 Jun, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Pankaj RoyBorn: 31 May 1928 Died: 4 February 2001 He was an Indian cricketer. A right-handed opening batsman, he is best known …Sports31 May, 2019sports
Gopi KrishnaBorn:30 May 1903 Died:31 July 1984 He was a yogi; mystic; teacher; social reformer; and writer. He was born in …Writer30 May, 2019writer
Chittenipattu Puthenveettil RajendranBorn:29 May 1955 He also known among his peers as CP , is an Indian geologist who has worked mainly in paleoseismology and …Scientist29 May, 2019scientist
K. SachidanandanBorn:28 May 1948 He is a noted Indian poet and critic, writing in Malayalam and English. A pioneer of modern poetry in Malayalam, a …Poet28 May, 2019poet
Ottaplakkal Neelakandan Velu KurupBorn:27 May 1931 Died:13 February 2016 popularly known as O. N. V. Kurup or simply and endearingly O. N. V., was a Malayalam poet and …Poet27 May, 2019poet
Sushil Kumar SolankiBorn:26 May 1983 He is an Indian freestyle wrestler. He was competing in the 66 kg weight division when he won the 2010 …Sports26 May, 2019sports
Dr. Panchanan MitraBorn:25 May 1892 Died:25 July 1936 He was the first professor of anthropologyin India. He was among the first Indians …Scientist25 May, 2019scientist
Kazi Nazrul IslamBorn:24 May 1899 Died:29 August 1976 He was a Bengali poet, writer, musician, anti-colonial revolutionary and the national poet of …Poet, Writer24 May, 2019poet writer
Prahalad Chunnilal VaidyaBorn:23 May 1918 Died:12 March 2010 He was an Indian physicist and mathematician, renowned for his instrumental work in the general theory of …Scientist23 May, 2019scientist
Raja Ram Mohan RoyBorn:22 May 1772 Died:27 September 1833 He was one of the founders of the Brahmo Sabha, the precursor of the …Leaders22 May, 2019leaders
Sharad JoshiBorn:21 May 1931 Died:5 September 1991 He was a Hindi poet, writer, satirist and a dialogue and scriptwriter in Hindi films …Poet, Writer21 May, 2019poet writer
Sumitranandan PantBorn:20 May 1900 Died:28 December 1977 He was an Indian poet. He was one of the most celebrated left-wing Communist 20th …Poet, Writer20 May, 2019poet writer
Manik Bandopadhyay & Ruskin BondManik Bandopadhyay Born:19 May 1908 Died:3 December 1956 He was a Bengali writer and novelist, widely regarded as one of the …Poet, Writer19 May, 2019poet writer
Venkatraman RadhakrishnanBorn:18 May 1929 Died:3 March 2011 He was a space scientist and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. …Scientist18 May, 2019scientist
Pankaj UdhasBorn:17 May 1951  He is a ghazal singer, hailing from Gujarat in India. He started his career with a release of a …Artist, Singer17 May, 2019artist singer
Soma BiswasBorn:16 May 1978 She is an athlete who lives in Kolkata, India and who specialises in the heptathlon. She rose …Sports16 May, 2019sports
Madhuri DixitBorn:15 May 1967 She also known by her married name Madhuri Dixit Nene, is an Indian actress, producer, and television …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity15 May, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Mrinal SenBorn:14 May 1923 Died:30 December 2018 He was an Indian Bengali filmmaker based in Kolkata. He is considered to be one of …Artist14 May, 2019artist
Sachidananda RoutrayBorn:13 May 1916 Died: 21 August 2004 He was an Odia poet, novelist, short-story writer. He received Jnanpith Award, the highest literary …Poet, Writer13 May, 2019poet writer
Smriti “Simi” MehraBorn: 21 May 1972 She is the first woman from India to become a member of the world’s leading golf tour …Sports12 May, 2019sports
Mrinalini Vikram SarabhaiBorn:11 May 1918 Died:21 January 2016 She was an Indian classical dancer, choreographer and instructor. She was the founder and …Artist11 May, 2019artist
Pentala HarikrishnaBorn: 10 May 1986 He is a chess Grandmaster from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. He became the youngest grandmaster from India on …Sports10 May, 2019sports
Krishna RaoBorn:9 May 1908 Died:8 July 1971 He popularly known as Anakru, was an Indian writer. He is one of the …Writer09 May, 2019writer
Devi Prasad ShettyBorn:8 May 1953 He is an Indian cardiac surgeon and entrepreneur . He is chairman and Founder of Narayana Health, a chain of 21 …Scientist08 May, 2019scientist
Rabindranath TagoreBorn:7 May 1861 Died:7 August 1941 He also known by his sobriquets Gurudev, Kabiguru, and Biswakabi, was a Bengali polymath, poet, musician, and artist from …Artist, Leaders, Poet, Writer07 May, 2019artist leaders poet writer
Gagan NarangBorn: 6 May 1983 He is an Indian shooter, supported by the Olympic Gold Quest. He was the first Indian to qualify for …Sports06 May, 2019sports
Kavita Tungar & Prashanti SinghKavita Tungar Born:5 May 1985 She is an Indian long-distance runner from Nashik, Maharashtra. She holds the current national record for 10 km road running with a …Sports05 May, 2019sports
TyagarajaBorn: 4 May 1767 Died: 6 January 1847 He also known as Tyāgayya in Telugu, was a renowned composer of …Singer04 May, 2019singer
Achala SachdevBorn:3 May 1920 Died:30 April 2012 She was an Indian film actress who appeared in classic films of Bollywood. She …Bollywood Celebrity03 May, 2019bollywood-celebrity
Mario Miranda & Satyajit RayMario Miranda Born:2 May 1926 Died:11 December 2011 He popularly known as Mario Miranda or Mario de Miranda, was an Indian cartoonist …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity02 May, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Prabodh Chandra DeyBorn: 1 May 1919 Died: 24 October 2013 He known by his stage name Manna Dey, an Internationally acclaimed Indian …Artist, Singer01 May, 2019artist singer
Dhundiraj Govind PhalkeBorn:30 April 1870 Died:16 February 1944 He was an Indian producer-director-screenwriter, known as the Father of Indian cinema. His debut film, Raja …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity30 Apr, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Ustad Allarakha Qureshi & Raja Ravi VarmaUstad Allarakha Qureshi Born:29 April 1919 Died:3 February 2000 He popularly known as Alla Rakha, was an Indian tabla player specialized in …Artist29 Apr, 2019artist
Madhusudan DasBorn:28 April 1848 Died:4 February 1934 He was the first graduate and advocate of Odisha. He was born in the …Social activist28 Apr, 2019social-activist
Zohra SegalBorn: 27 April 1912 Died: 10 July 2014 She was an Indian actress, dancer, and choreographer. She started her career as a …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity27 Apr, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Tintu LukaBorn:26 April 1989 She is an Indian track and field athlete, who predominantly competes in the middle-distance running events. Born …Sports26 Apr, 2019sports
PudhumaipithanBorn: 25 April 1906 Died: 5 May 1948 He was one of the most influential and revolutionary writers of Tamil …Writer25 Apr, 2019writer
Sachin Ramesh TendulkarBorn:24 April 1973  He is a former Indian international cricketer and a former captain of the Indian national team, Widely regarded as …Sports24 Apr, 2019sports
Pandita Ramabai SarasvatiBorn:23 April 1858 Died: 5 April 1922 She was an Indian social reformer, a pioneer in the education and emancipation of women …Social activist23 Apr, 2019social-activist
Baldev Raj ChopraBorn: 22 April 1914 Died: 5 November 2008 He was an Indian director and producer of Bollywood movies and television …Bollywood Celebrity22 Apr, 2019bollywood-celebrity
T. R.Subba RaoBorn: 21 April 1920 Died: 10 April 1984 He was a novelist and a scholar in Kannada language. He is considered …Writer21 Apr, 2019writer
Ramachandran RameshBorn: 20 April 1976 He is an Indian chess grandmaster from Chennai who won the 2002 British Championship and 2007 Commonwealth Championship. He is married to WGM Aarthie …Sports20 Apr, 2019sports
Anju Bobby GeorgeBorn: 19 April 1977 She is an Indian athlete. She made history when she won the bronze medal in long jump at …Sports19 Apr, 2019sports
Dhondo Keshav KarveBorn: 18 April 1858 Died: 9 November 1962 He popularly known as Maharishi Karve, was a social reformer in India in the field …Social activist, Writer18 Apr, 2019social-activist writer
Thakazhi Sivasankara PillaiBorn: 17 April 1912 Died: 10 April 1999 He popularly known as Thakazhi after his place of birth, was an …Writer17 Apr, 2019writer
Kandukuri Veeresalingam PantuluBorn: 16 April 1848 Died: 27 May 1919 He was a social reformer and writer of Andhra Pradesh, India. He …Writer16 Apr, 2019writer
Sudarsan PattnaikBorn:15 April 1977 He is an Indian sand artist from Odisha. He was awarded the Padma Shri by Government of Indiain 2014. He …Artist15 Apr, 2019artist
Bhimrao Ramji AmbedkarBorn:14 April 1891 Died:6 December 1956 He popularly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, was an Indian jurist, economist, politician and social …Leaders14 Apr, 2019leaders
Pattukkottai KalyanasundaramBorn:April 13, 1930 Died:October 8, 1959 He also known as Pattukottai Kalyanasundaranar, was an Indian poet and lyricist. Considered to …Poet13 Apr, 2019poet
Akbar Padamsee & Francis Newton SouzaAkbar Padamsee Born: 12 April 1928 He is a contemporary Indian artist and painter, considered one of the pioneers in …Artist12 Apr, 2019artist
Kundanlal SaigalBorn:11 April 1904 Died:18 January 1947 He was an Indian singer and actor who is considered the first superstar of …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity11 Apr, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Lt Colonel Dhan Singh ThapaBorn:10 April 1928 Died:5 September 2005 He was an Indian Army officer, and recipient of the Param Vir Chakra, India’s …Indian Army10 Apr, 2019indian-army
Jaya BachchanBorn: 9 April 1948 She is an Indian film actress and politician. She is currently the Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha from …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity, Leaders09 Apr, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity leaders
Amit TrivediBorn: 8 April 1979 He is an Indian film score composer, music director, singer and lyricist. After working as a …Bollywood Celebrity, Music08 Apr, 2019bollywood-celebrity music
Ravi ShankarBorn: 7 April 1920 Died:11 December 2012 He was Rabindra Shankar Chowdhury, his name often preceded by the title Pandit (Master) …Artist, Music07 Apr, 2019artist music
K. S. S. NambooripadBorn: 6 April 1935 He  is an Indian mathematician who has made fundamental contributions to the structure theory of regular semigroups. He was also …Scientist06 Apr, 2019scientist
Shikha Devi UberoiBorn:5 April 1983 She is a former Indian-American professional tennis player and a former Indian No. 1. After Nirupama Sanjeev, she is the second …Sports05 Apr, 2019sports
Kumar BoseBorn:4 April 1953 He  is an Indian tabla maestro and composer of Indian classical music. He belongs to the Benaras Gharana style of tabla …Artist04 Apr, 2019artist
Prabhu DevaBorn: 3 April 1973 He is an Indian dance choreographer, film director, producer and actor, who has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada films. In a …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity03 Apr, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Wilfred Gerald RebimbusBorn: 2 April 1942 Died: 9 March 2010 He more popularly known as Wilfy Rebimbus, was a Konkani singer and lyricist. He is also …Music, Singer02 Apr, 2019music singer
Acacio Gabriel ViegasBorn: April 1, 1856 Died: 1933 He was a medical practitioner who was credited with the discovery of the outbreak of bubonic plague in Bombay, …Scientist01 Apr, 2019scientist
Anandibai Gopalrao JoshiBorn: 31 March 1865 Died: 26 February 1887 She  was one of the earliest Indian female physicians. She was the first woman …Scientist31 Mar, 2019scientist
Sharadindu BandyopadhyayBorn: 30 March 1899 Died: 22 September 1970 He was a Bengali writer. He was also actively involved with Bengali …Writer30 Mar, 2019writer
Utpal DuttaBorn: 29 March 1929 Died: 19 August 1993 He was an Indian actor, director, and writer-playwright. He was primarily an …Artist, Writer29 Mar, 2019artist writer
Rangasami L.KashyapBorn: 28 March 1938 He is an Indian applied mathematician and a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Purdue University. He developed (with Harvard professor Yu-Chi Ho) the Ho-Kashyap …Scientist28 Mar, 2019scientist
Akhil KumarBorn: 27 March 1981 He is an Indian boxer who has won several international and national boxing awards. He practices …Sports27 Mar, 2019sports
Mahadevi VermaBorn: 26 March 1907 Died: 11 September 1987 She was a Hindi poet, freedom fighter and educationist from India. She is widely …Poet26 Mar, 2019poet
Subbaraman VijayalakshmiSubbaraman Vijayalakshmi Born: 25 March 1979 She is an Indian chess player who holds the FIDE titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster, the first …Sports25 Mar, 2019sports
Muthuswami DikshitarBorn: 24 March 1775 Died: 21 October 1835 He  was a South Indian poet, singer and Veena player, and a legendary composer …Artist, Music24 Mar, 2019artist music
Gopalaswamy Doraiswamy NaiduBorn: 23 March 1893 Died: 4 January 1974 He was an Indian inventor and engineer who is also referred to …Scientist23 Mar, 2019scientist
M. R. Ramakrishna PanikkarBorn: 22 March 1935 Died: 31 March 2008 He popularly known as Kadammanitta Ramakrishnan or Kadammanitta, was an Indian poet. He was born in Kadammanitta province of Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. His …Poet22 Mar, 2019poet
Ustad bismillah khanBorn:21 March 1916 Died:21 August 2006 He often referred to by the title Ustad, was an Indian musician credited with popularizing …Artist21 Mar, 2019artist
Alka YagnikBorn:20 March 1966 She is an Indian playback singer. She is noted in Indian cinema for a career spanning over three decades. …Artist, Singer20 Mar, 2019artist singer
Kalaimamani VikiramanBorn:19 March 1928 Died:1 December 2015 He a prolific Tamil writer and journalist. He was always interested in journalism, especially handwritten magazines in …Writer19 Mar, 2019writer
Akkitham Achuthan NamboothiriBorn: 18 March 1926 He popularly known as Akkitham, is an Indian poet and essayist of Malayalam language. He Known for a …Poet, Writer18 Mar, 2019poet writer
Kalpana Chawla & Saina NehwalKalpana Chawla Born:  17 March , 1962 Died:  1 February , 2003 She was an American astronaut, engineer, and the first female of …Scientist, Sports17 Mar, 2019scientist sports
Shiba MaggonBorn: 16 March 1976 She is an Indian basketball player who played for the India national team. She is currently the coach for the …Sports16 Mar, 2019sports
Sandeep Unnikrishnan & Guru HanumanSandeep Unnikrishnan Born: 15 March 1977 Died: 28 November 2008 He was an officer in the Indian Army serving in the elite Special …Indian Army, Sports15 Mar, 2019indian-army sports
Zia Mohiuddin DagarBorn: 14 March 1929 Died: 28 September 1990 He popularly known as Z. M. Dagar, was a North Indian (Hindustani) classical musician, one …Artist, Music14 Mar, 2019artist music
Jatindra Charan GuhoBorn: 13 March 1892 Died: 2 January 1972 He popularly known by his ring name Gobar Goho was a world-famous Indian wrestler and practitioner of Pehlwani. He …Sports13 Mar, 2019sports
Gunvant ShahBorn: 12 March 1937 He is an essayist, educationist, columnist and philosophy writer and critics from Gujarat, India. He taught at …Writer12 Mar, 2019writer
Dwijendranath TagoreBorn: 11 March 1840 Died: 26 January 1926 He was an Indian poet, song composer, philosopher, mathematician, and a pioneer …Artist, Poet11 Mar, 2019artist poet
Udupi Ramachandra RaoBorn: 10 March 1932 Died: 24 July 2017 He was a space scientist and chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation. He was …Scientist10 Mar, 2019scientist
Zakir HussainBorn: 9 March 1951 He is a tabla virtuoso, composer, percussionist, music producer, film actor and eldest son of legendary tabla player Ustad …Artist, Music09 Mar, 2019artist music
Abdul HayeeBorn: 8 March 1921 Died: 25 October 1980 He popularly known by his pen name Sahir Ludhianvi, was an Indian poet and film …Poet08 Mar, 2019poet
Sachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayan & Ravindra kelekarSachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayan Born: 7 March 1911 Died: 4 April 1987 He was a pioneering writer of modern Hindi  poetry, fiction, criticism and …Social activist, Writer07 Mar, 2019social-activist writer
Pandit Taranath Ram Rao HattiangadiBorn: 6 March 1915 Died: 1991 He was a performer and teacher of Indian classical percussion, known for his knowledge of …Artist, Music06 Mar, 2019artist music
Gangubai HangalBorn:5 March 1913 Died:21 July 2009 She was an Indian singer of the khyal genre of Hindustani classical music, who was known for her deep …Artist, Singer05 Mar, 2019artist singer
Phanishwar Nath ‘Renu’Born: 4 March 1921 Died: 11 April 1977 He  was one of the most successful and influential writers of modern Hindi literature in …Novelist, Writer04 Mar, 2019novelist writer
Jamsetji Nusserwanji TataBorn: 3 March 1839 Died: 19 May 1904 He was an Indian pioneer industrialist, who founded the Tata Group, India’s biggest conglomerate …Leaders03 Mar, 2019leaders
Mahadeva Subramania ManiBorn: 2 March 1908 Died: 8 January 2003 He was an Indian entomologist especially famous for his studies on high altitude entomology. He …Scientist02 Mar, 2019scientist
Mary KomBorn: 1 March 1983 Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte, better known as Mary Kom is an Indian Olympic boxer from Manipur. She is the only woman to …Sports01 Mar, 2019sports
Uppalapu SrinivasBorn: 28 February 1969 Died: 19 September 2014 He was an Indian mandolin player in Carnatic classical music and composer. He was widely regarded as the Mozart of …Artist, Music28 Feb, 2019artist music
Vishnu Vāman Shirwādkar & Sandeep SinghVishnu Vāman Shirwādkar Born: 27 February 1912 Died: 10 March 1999 He was popularly known by his pen name, Kusumāgraj. He …Novelist, Poet, Sports, Writer27 Feb, 2019novelist poet sports writer
Sir Benegal Narsing RaoBorn: 26 February 1887 Died: 30 November 1953 He was an Indian civil servant, jurist, diplomat and statesman known for his key …Leaders26 Feb, 2019leaders
Ravishankar VyasBorn: 25 February 1884 Died: 1 July 1984 He is better known as Ravishankar Maharaj, was an Indian independence activist, social …Leaders, Writer25 Feb, 2019leaders writer
Talat MahmoodBorn: 24 February 1924 Died: 9 May 1998 He is considered one of the greatest male Indian non-classical and semi-classical singers. He …Artist, Singer24 Feb, 2019artist singer
Kaliprasanna SinghaBorn: 23 February 1840 Died: 24 July 1870 He was a Bengali authors, playwright, and philanthropist. His most famous work was the …Poet, Writer23 Feb, 2019poet writer
Tarundeep RaiBorn: 22 February 1984 He  is an Indian archer. He belongs to the Indian Gorkha community. He made his debut in international archery …Sports22 Feb, 2019sports
Sir Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar & Suryakant Tripathi NiralaSir Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Born: 21 February 1894 Died: 1 January 1955 He was an Indian colloid chemist, academic and scientific administrator. The first …Novelist, Poet, Scientist21 Feb, 2019novelist poet scientist
Dr. Bhabendra Nath SaikiaBorn: 20 February 1932 Died: 13 August 2003 He was a novelist, short story writer and film director from Assam. He won …Bollywood Celebrity, Novelist20 Feb, 2019bollywood-celebrity novelist
Ram Vanji SutharBorn:19 February 1925 He is an Indian sculptor. He has created more than fifty monumental sculptures in the last forty …Artist19 Feb, 2019artist
Mohammed Zahur “Khayyam” HashmiBorn:18 February 1927  He is an Indian music director and background score composer whose career spanned four decades (1953–1990). He has won …Bollywood Celebrity18 Feb, 2019bollywood-celebrity
Jibanananda dasBorn: 17 February 1899 Died: 22 October 1954 He was a Bengali poet, writer, novelist and essayist. He Popularly called “Rupashi Banglar Kabi” (Poet …Novelist, Poet17 Feb, 2019novelist poet
Pardeep NarwalBorn: 16 February 1997 He is an Indian Kabaddi player who plays for India national kabaddi Team internationally, and for Patna Pirates in the domestically played Pro …Sports16 Feb, 2019sports
Guru Mani Madhava ChakyarBorn: 15 February 1899 Died:  14 January 1990 He was a celebrated master performance artist and Sanskrit scholar  from Kerala, India. He was  considered to be …Artist15 Feb, 2019artist
MadhubalaBorn: 14 February 1933 Died: 23 February 1969 She was an Indian film actress who starred in classic films of Bollywood. …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity14 Feb, 2019artist bollywood-celebrity
Sarojini NaiduBorn: 13 February 1879 Died: 2 March 1949 She was an Indian independence activist and poet.  She was born in a Bengali Hindu family at Hyderabad and was …Poet13 Feb, 2019poet
Swami Dayanand SaraswatiBorn: 12 February 1824 Died: 30 October 1883 He was an Indian social leader and founder of the Arya Samaj, a reform movement of …Leaders12 Feb, 2019leaders
Gopi Chand NarangBorn:11 February 1931 He is an Indian theorist, literary critic and scholar who writes in Urdu and English. His Urdu literary criticism …Writer11 Feb, 2019writer
Pisharoth Rama PisharotyBorn: 10 February 1909 Died:24 September 2002 He was an Indian physicist and meteorologist, and is considered to be the father of remote sensing in India. He became …Scientist10 Feb, 2019scientist
Parimarjan NegiBorn: 9 February 1993 He is an Indian chess grandmaster.  He achieved the grandmaster title at the age of 13 years, 4 months, …Sports09 Feb, 2019sports
Jagjit Singh & Zakir Husain KhanJagjit Singh Born:8 February 1941 Died:10 October 2011 He popularly known as ” The Ghazal King ” or ” King of Ghazals “, …Leaders, Music, Singer08 Feb, 2019leaders music singer
Guggari Shanthaveerappa ShivarudrappaBorn:7 February 1926 Died:23 December 2013 He was an Indian Kannada poet, writer and researcher who was awarded the title of Rashtrakavi (Poet Laureate) …Writer07 Feb, 2019writer
Kavi PradeepBorn:6 February 1915 Died:11 December 1998 He was born Ramchandra Narayanji Dwivedi. He was an Indian poet and songwriter who is …Poet06 Feb, 2019poet
K. S. Nissar AhmedBorn:5 February 1936 He is an Indian poet and writer in Kannada language. His full name is Kokkare Hosahalli Shekh Haider Nissar Ahmed. He …Poet, Writer05 Feb, 2019poet writer
Brijmohan Mishra & Bhimsen JoshiBrijmohan Mishra Born:4 February 1938 He popularly known as Pandit Birju Maharaj, is an exponent of the Handia (Rikhipur), AllahabadKalka-Bindadingharana of Kathak dance in India. He …Artist, Singer04 Feb, 2019artist singer
Jayen VarmaBorn:3 February 1961  He is an Indian electric bass player. He is known for developing tabla and mridangam style finger technique on bass guitar to play slap bass. The style developed …Artist03 Feb, 2019artist
Arvind GaurBorn: 2 February 1963  He is an Indian theatre director known for innovative, socially and politically relevant plays in India. He plays are contemporary …Artist02 Feb, 2019artist
Buddhadev DasguptaBorn:1 February 1933 Died:15 January 2018  He was an Indian classical musician who played the sarod. He used to reside in Kolkata, …Artist, Music01 Feb, 2019artist music
Somnath SharmaBorn: 31 January 1923 Died: 3 November 1947 He is an Indian Army officer, was the first recipient of Param Vir Chakra (PVC), India’s …Indian Army31 Jan, 2019indian-army
Jaishankar PrasadBorn:30 January 1890 Died:15 November 1937 He was a famed figure in modern Hindi literature as well as Hindi theatre. He started writing …Novelist, Poet30 Jan, 2019novelist poet
Veturi Sundararama Murthy & Balantrapu Rajanikanta RaoVeturi Sundararama Murthy Born: 29 January 1936 Died: 22 May 2010 He popularly known as Veturi, was a Telugu writer mostly popular for …Poet, Writer29 Jan, 2019poet writer
Raja Ramanna & Lala Lajpat RaiRaja Ramanna Born: 28 January 1925 Died: 24 September 2004 He was an Indian physicist who is best known for his role in India’s …Leaders, Scientist28 Jan, 2019leaders scientist
Arati Ankalikar-TikekarBorn: 27 January 1963 She is a two-time National Award-winning Indian classical singer who is active mostly in Marathi, Konkani and Hindi …Singer27 Jan, 2019singer
Dr. K. S. NarasimhaswamyBorn:26 January 1915 Died:27 December 2003 He was an Indian poet in the Kannada language. His most popular collection of poems Mysooru Mallige has seen …Poet26 Jan, 2019poet
Aiyalam Parameswaran Balachandran & Kavita KrishnamurthyAiyalam Parameswaran Balachandran Born:25 January 1938 He is an Indian theoretical physicist well known for his extensive contributions to the role of …Scientist, Singer25 Jan, 2019scientist singer
Subhash GhaiBorn:24 January 1945 He is an Indian film director, producer and screenwriter, known for his works predominantly in Hindi cinema.  His most notable …Bollywood Celebrity24 Jan, 2019bollywood-celebrity
Subhas Chandra BoseBorn:23 January 1897 Died:18 August 1945 He was an Indian revolutionary who attempted to rid India of British rule with the help of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. …Leaders23 Jan, 2019leaders
Dilipkumar RoyBorn:22 January 1897 Died: 6 January 1980 He was a Bengali Indian musician, musicologist, novelist, poet and essayist.  He was …Music, Writer22 Jan, 2019music writer
Manchanahalli Rangaswamy Satyanarayana RaoBorn:21 January 1948  He known by the abbreviation M. R. S. Rao, is an Indian scientist, born on 21 January 1948 …Scientist21 Jan, 2019scientist
Jagdish Chandra JainHe was a scholar, indologist, educationist, writer, and freedom fighter during the freedom struggle of India. He authored over 80 books …Leaders, Writer20 Jan, 2019leaders writer
Sirkazhi GovindarajanBorn: 19 January 1933  Died: 24 March 1988 He was a leading vocalist in Carnatic Music. He was born at Sirkali, a …Artist, Singer19 Jan, 2019artist singer
Aparna PopatBorn:18 January 1978 She is a former Indian badminton player. She was India’s national champion for a record equalling nine times when …Sports18 Jan, 2019sports
Javed AkhtarBorn: 17 January 1945 He is an Indian poet, lyricist and screenwriter. He is a recipient of the Padma Shri (1999), Padma Bhushan (2007), and five National …Artist, Writer17 Jan, 2019artist writer
Guru Chenganoor Raman PillaiBorn: 16 January 1886 Died:11 November 1980  He was a celebrated Kathakali artist from Kerala in south India. He was known for his brilliant portrayal …Artist16 Jan, 2019artist
Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav & Subimal GoswamiKhashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav Born: January 15, 1926 Died: August 14, 1984 He was an Indian athlete. He is best known as a wrestler who …Sports15 Jan, 2019sports
Kumar Ram Narain KarthikeyanBorn: 14 January 1977 He is a racing driver who was the first Formula One driver from India. He has previously competed in A1GP, and the Le …Sports14 Jan, 2019sports
Rakesh SharmaBorn: 13 January 1949 He is a former Indian Air Force pilot who flew aboard Soyuz T-11, launched on 2 April 1984, as …Scientist13 Jan, 2019scientist
Swami VivekanandaBorn: 12 January 1863 Died: 4 July 1902 He was an Indian Hindu monk, a chief disciple of the 19th-century Indian mystic Ramakrishna. He …Leaders12 Jan, 2019leaders
Rahul Sharad Dravid & Kailash SatyarthiRahul Sharad Dravid Born:11 January 1973 Website: He is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest …Sports11 Jan, 2019sports
Kattassery Joseph YesudasBorn: 10 January 1940 He is an Indian musician and playback singer. He sings Indian classical, devotional and cinematic songs.  …Singer10 Jan, 2019singer
Har Gobind KhoranaBorn: 9 January 1922 Died: 9 November 2011 He was an Indian American biochemist. While on the faculty of the University of …Scientist09 Jan, 2019scientist
Ashapoorna Devi & Mohan RakeshAshapoorna Devi Born: 8 January 1909  Died: 13 July 1995 She also Ashapurna Debi or Asha Purna Devi, was a prominent Bengali novelist and poet. …Novelist, Poet08 Jan, 2019novelist poet
Krishnan SasikiranBorn: 7 January 1981 He is an Indian chess grandmaster. He was one of Viswanathan Anand’s seconds in the World Chess Championship 2013. He  won the Indian Chess …Sports07 Jan, 2019sports
Kapil Dev Nikhanj & Allahrakka RahmanKapil Dev Nikhanj  Born: 6 January 1959  He better known as Kapil Dev, is a former Indian cricketer.  He was named by Wisden as …Artist, Music, Sports06 Jan, 2019artist music sports
Mansoor Ali Khan PataudiBorn: 5 January 1941 Died: 22 September 2011 Popularly known as Tiger Pataudi, he was the youngest captain of the …Sports05 Jan, 2019sports
Gurdas Maan & Valiyaveetil DijuGurdas Maan Born: 4 January 1957 He is an Indian singer, songwriter, choreographer and actor mainly associated with Punjabi music and films. …Artist, Music, Sports04 Jan, 2019artist music sports
Savitribai Jyotirao Phule & Ramanuja VijayaraghavanSavitribai Jyotirao Phule Born: 3 January 1831 Died: 10 March 1897 She was an Indian social reformer, educationalist and poet. …Poet03 Jan, 2019poet
Sathamangalam Ranga Iyengar Srinivasa VaradhanBorn: 2 January 1940 He is an Indian American mathematician who is known for his fundamental contributions to probability theory and in particular for …Scientist02 Jan, 2019scientist
Padma Vibhushan Satyendra Nath BoseBorn: 1 January 1894 Died: 4 February 1974 He was an Indian physicist specialising in theoretical physics. He is best known for his work …Scientist01 Jan, 2019scientist
Sucheta Kadethankav & Shrilal ShuklaBorn: 31 December 1977 She is an Indian information technology developer from Pune. On 15 July 2011 she became the first Indian woman …Sports, Writer31 Dec, 2018sports writer
Manuel Aaron & Dr. Hanumappa SudarshanManuel Aaron Born: 30 December 1935 He is the first Indian chess master in the second half of the 20th century. He dominated …Sports30 Dec, 2018sports
Rajesh Khanna & Ramanand SagarRajesh Khanna Born: 29 December 1942 Died: 18 July 2012 He was an Indian actor, film producer and politician who …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity, Writer29 Dec, 2018artist bollywood-celebrity writer
Dhirajlal “Dhirubhai” Hirachand Ambani & Ratan Naval TataDhirubhai Ambani Born: 28 December 1932 Died: 6 July 2002 He was an Indian business tycoon , who founded Reliance Industries in Bombay.  He appeared …Leaders28 Dec, 2018leaders
GhalibBorn: 27 December 1797 Died: 15 February 1869 He was popularly known as Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan. The last great poet of …Poet27 Dec, 2018poet
Murlidhar Devidas Amt & Captain Vijyant ThaparMurlidhar Devidas Amt Born: 26 December 1914 Died: 9 February 2008 Better known as Baba Amte, he was an Indian social worker …Indian Army26 Dec, 2018indian-army
Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee & Naushad AliAtal Bihari Vajpayee Born: 25 December 1924 Died: 16 August 2018 He  was an Indian politician who served three terms as …Leaders, Music, Poet, Writer25 Dec, 2018leaders music poet writer
Mohammed RafiBorn: 24 December 1924 Died: 31 July 1980 He was an Indian playback singer and widely considered to be one of the greatest …Artist, Music24 Dec, 2018artist music
Inder SinghBorn: 23 December 1943 He was a former Indian football player and captain, manager and administrator. He played for Leaders Club (Jalandhar), JCT Mills and the Indian …Sports23 Dec, 2018sports
Srinivasa RamanujanBorn: 22 December 1887 Died: 26 April 1920 A contemporary writer and critic in the Kannada language who is considered as one of the …Scientist, Writer22 Dec, 2018scientist writer
Udupi Rajagopalacharya AnanthamurthyBorn:21 December 1932 Died:22 August 2014 He was a contemporary writer and critic in the Kannada language born in Thirtahalli Taluk and is …Writer21 Dec, 2018writer
Khaled Choudhury & MungaraYamini KrishnamurthyKhaled Choudhury Born:20 December 1919 Died:30 April 2014 He was a theatre personality and artist of Bengal. He worked for various …Artist20 Dec, 2018artist
Rai Bahadur Sir Upendranath BrahmachariBorn: 19 December 1873 Died: 6 February 1946 He was an Indian scientist and a leading medical practitioner of his …Scientist19 Dec, 2018scientist
Bhikhari ThakurBorn:18 Dec 1887 Died:10 July 1971 He was an Indian playwright, lyricist, actor, folk dancer, folk singer and social activist in Bhojpuri language popularly known …Artist, Music18 Dec, 2018artist music
Khanzada Mirza Khan Abdul Rahim Khan-e-KhanaBorn:17 December 1556 Died:1627 He also known as Rahim. He was a poet who lived during the rule of Mughal emperor Akbar. He was one …Poet17 Dec, 2018poet
Adyar K.LakshmanBorn:16 December 1933 Died:19 August 2014 He was a noted Indian Bharatnatyam dancer, choreographer and guru. His  first ventured into teaching outside Kalakshetra …Artist16 Dec, 2018artist
Bhaichung BhutiaBorn: 15 December 1976 He is a retired Indian footballer who played as a striker. He is considered to be the torchbearer …Sports15 Dec, 2018sports
Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar & Ranbir Raj KapoorBellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar Born: 14 December 1918 Died: 20 August 2014 He better known as B.K.S. Iyengar, was the founder of …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity, Leaders14 Dec, 2018artist bollywood-celebrity leaders
Ramakanta RathBorn: 13 December 1934 He is one of the most renowned modernist poets in the Odia literature. Heavily influenced by the poets such as T. S. …Poet13 Dec, 2018poet
Prof. Ishwar ModiBorn:12 December 1940 Died:2017 He is an Indian Sociologist and a pioneer of leisure studies in India. His work in this field has been widely …Scientist12 Dec, 2018scientist
Dilip Kumar & Viswanathan “Vishy” AnandDilip Kumar Born:11 December 1922 Muhammad Yusuf Khan He better known as Dilip Kumar, is an Indian film actor, producer, screenwriter and activist, known …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity, Sports11 Dec, 2018artist bollywood-celebrity sports
Bharat Ratna Chakravarti Rajagopalachari & Jasuben ShilpiChakravarti Rajagopalachari Born:10 December 1878 Died:25 December 1972 He  informally called Rajaji or C.R. He was was an Indian politician, independence …Leaders, Writer10 Dec, 2018leaders writer
Venkateswaran DakshinamoorthyBorn:9 December 1919 Died: 2 August 2013 He was a veteran carnatic musician and composer and music director of Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi films, predominantly in Malayalam films. He …Music09 Dec, 2018music
Padma Bhushan Awardee Dharam Singh Deol & Padma Bhushan Awardee Sharmila TagorePadma Bhushan Awardee Dharam Singh Deol Born: 8 December 1935 He  is an Indian film actor, producer and politician. In 1997, …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity, Leaders08 Dec, 2018artist bollywood-celebrity leaders
Kalanidhi NarayananBorn:7 December 1928 Died:21 February 2016 She was an Indian dancer and teacher of Indian classical dance form of Bharatnatyam. She was the early non-devadasi girl …Artist07 Dec, 2018artist
Pt.Vishwanath Rao Ringe ‘Tanarang’Born: 6 December 1922 Died: 10 December 2005 He  was a Hindustani Classical Music vocalist and composer. He belonged to Gwalior Gharana of Hindustani Classical Music. He …Music06 Dec, 2018music
Anjali BhagwatBorn: 5 December 1969 She is a professional Indian shooter. She became the World Number One in 10m Air Rifle in 2002. She also won her …Sports05 Dec, 2018sports
Sir Kariamanickam Srinivasa KrishnanBorn:4 December 1898 Died:14 June 1961 He  was an Indian physicist. He was a co-discoverer of Raman scattering, for which his mentor C. V. …Scientist04 Dec, 2018scientist
Bharat Ratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad &Arjuna Awardee Mithali Dorai RajDr. Rajendra Prasad Born:3 December 1884 Died:28 February 1963 He was  the first President of India, in office from 1952 to 1962. He …Leaders, Sports03 Dec, 2018leaders sports
Indra Lal RoyBorn:2 December 1898 Died:22 July 1918 He was the sole Indian World War I flying ace. He was designated as First Indian Fighter …Indian Army02 Dec, 2018indian-army
Major Shaitan SinghBorn:1 December 1924 Died:18 November 1962 He was an Indian Army officer and recipient of the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military …Indian Army, Leaders01 Dec, 2018indian-army leaders
Sir Jagadish Chandra BoseBorn:30 November 1858 Died:23 November 1937 He  was a polymath, physicist, biologist, biophysicist, botanist and archaeologist, and an early writer of science fiction from British India. He pioneered the investigation of …Scientist30 Nov, 2018scientist
Captain Gurbachan Singh SalariaBorn:29 November 1935 Died:5 December 1961 He was an Indian Army officer and member of a United Nations peacekeeping force. He is the only UN …Leaders29 Nov, 2018leaders
Pramod Karan SethiBorn: 28 November 1927 Died: 6 January 2008 He was an Indian orthopaedic surgeon. With Ram Chandra Sharma, he co-invented the “Jaipur foot”, …Leaders28 Nov, 2018leaders
Harivansh Rai SrivastavaBorn:27 November 1907 Died:18 January 2003 He  known by his pet name Bachchan, was an Indian poet of the Nayi Kavita literary …Poet27 Nov, 2018poet
Yash Pal & Dr. Verghese KurienYash Pal Born:26 November 1926 Died:24 July 2017 He was an Indian scientist, educator and educationist. He was known for his …Scientist26 Nov, 2018scientist
Tanjore Ramachandra AnantharamanBorn:25 November 1927 Died:19 June 2009 He was one of India’s pre-eminent metallurgists and materials scientists. He was awarded the only Indian Rhodes Scholarship of 1951 …Scientist25 Nov, 2018scientist
Keshav Tanaji MeshramBorn:24 November 1937 Died:3 December 2007 He was a Marathi poet, critic, novelist, and short-story writer from Maharashtra, India. He wrote about 40 books.He had …Novelist, Poet24 Nov, 2018novelist poet
Geeta DuttBorn:23 November 1930 Died:20 July 1972 She  was a prominent Indian playback singer and a famous bengali-hindi classical artist, born in …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity23 Nov, 2018artist bollywood-celebrity
JhalkaribaiBorn:22 November 1830 Died:1858 A woman soldier who served in the women’s army of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi and played …Leaders22 Nov, 2018leaders
Komaravolu ChandrasekharBorn:21 November 1920 Died:13 April 2017 He was a professor at ETH Zurich. He was  founding faculty member of School of Mathematics, Tata Institute …Scientist21 Nov, 2018scientist
Babita Kumari PhogatBorn:20 November 1989 She is an Indian female wrestler. She won the gold medal in 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2018 Commonwealth Games. She also won silver …Sports20 Nov, 2018sports
Lakshmibai, the Rani of JhansiBorn:19 November 1828 Died:18 June 1858 She was a legendary figure and one of the leading warriors of India’s first struggle …Leaders19 Nov, 2018leaders
Shantaram Rajaram VankudreBorn:18 November 1901 Died:30 October 1990 He referred to as V. Shantaram or Shantaram Bapu. He  was a Marathi Indian filmmaker, film producer and actor. He …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity18 Nov, 2018artist bollywood-celebrity
Byomakesh MohantyBorn:17 November 1957 Died:14 June 2010 He was an Indian artist and academic. He joined as a faculty of visual arts at Banaras Hindu …Artist17 Nov, 2018artist
Akbar Hussain RizviBorn: 16 November 1846 Died: 15 February 1921 He was an Indian Urdu poet mainly known for satire in his poetry. He was retiring as a …Leaders, Poet16 Nov, 2018leaders poet
Sania MirzaBorn: 15 November 1986 She is an Indian professional tennis player. A former world No. 1 in the doubles discipline, she has won six Grand …Sports15 Nov, 2018sports
Pt.Jawaharlal NehruBorn: 14 November 1889 Died:27 May 1964 He was a freedom fighter, the first Prime Minister of India and a central figure in Indian …Leaders, Writer14 Nov, 2018leaders writer
K. G. RamanathanKollagunta Gopalaiyer Ramanathan Born: 13 November 1920 Died: 10 May 1992 He  was an Indian mathematician known for his work in number theory. His …Scientist13 Nov, 2018scientist
Sálim Moizuddin Abdul AliBorn: 12 November 1896 Died: 20 June 1987 He was an Indian ornithologist and naturalist. Sometimes referred to as the “birdman of India“, Salim Ali …Writer12 Nov, 2018writer
Badruddin Jamaluddin KaziBorn: 11 November 1926 Died: 29 July 2003 He was  better known by his stage name Johnny Walker. He was an Indian …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity11 Nov, 2018artist bollywood-celebrity
Kothamangalam SubbuBorn: 10 November 1910 Died: 15 February 1974 He was an Indian poet, lyricist, author, actor and film director based …Artist, Poet, Writer10 Nov, 2018artist poet writer
Garimella Balakrishna PrasadBorn: 9 November 1948 He is an Indian classical devotional singer, composer and T.T.D Asthana Vidwamsulu. He served Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam’s Annamacharya …Artist, Singer09 Nov, 2018artist singer
Dwaram Venkataswamy NaiduBorn:8 November 1893 Died:25 November 1964 He was one of the most important carnatic music violinists of the 20th century. He was partially blind. …Artist, Music08 Nov, 2018artist music
C V RamanSir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Born:7 November 1888 Died:21 November 1970 He  was an Indian physicist born in the former Madras Province in India presently the …Scientist07 Nov, 2018scientist
Soolamangalam RajalakshmiBorn: 6 November 1940 Died: 1 March 1992 She was well-known classical vocalist and musician, known for devotional songs in Tamil. She …Artist, Music, Singer06 Nov, 2018artist music singer
Virat KohliBorn: 5 November 1988 Website: He is an Indian international cricketer who currently captains the India national team. A right-handed top-order batsman, he is regarded as …Sports05 Nov, 2018sports
Janaki Ammal & Ranjit Roy ChaudhuryJanaki Ammal Edavalath Kakkat Born:4 November 1897 Died:7 February 1984 She was an Indian botanist who conducted scientific research in cytogenetics and phytogeography. Her most …Scientist04 Nov, 2018scientist
Prithviraj Kapoor & Laxmikant Shantaram KudalkarPrithviraj Kapoor Born:3 November 1906 Died: 29 May 1971 He born Prithvinath Kapoor, was a pioneer of Indian theatre and of the Hindi film industry. …Artist, Bollywood Celebrity, Music03 Nov, 2018artist bollywood-celebrity music
Shirshendu MukhopadhyayBorn: 2 November 1935 He is a famous Bengali author from India. He has written stories for both adults and children. He is known for …Writer02 Nov, 2018writer
Abdul Qavi DesnaviBorn: 1 November 1930 Died: 7 July 2011 He was an Indian Urdu language writer, critic, bibliographer and linguist. He wrote many books on Urdu …Writer01 Nov, 2018writer
Aditya MehtaBorn: 31 October 1985 He  is an Indian former professional snooker player. In 2013, he became the first Indian to reach the final of a ranking …Sports31 Oct, 2018sports
Homi J. BhabhaHomi Jehangir Bhabha Born:30 October 1909 Died: 24 January 1966 He was an Indian nuclear physicist, founding director, and professor of physics at the Tata …Scientist30 Oct, 2018scientist
Vijender Singh BeniwalBorn: 29 October 1985 He better known as Vijender Singh is an Indian professional boxer and the current WBO Asia Pacific Super MiddleweightChampion and WBO Oriental Super Middleweight Champion from Kaluwas, Bhiwani district in Haryana. He compete at …Sports29 Oct, 2018sports
Kodavatiganti KutumbaraoBorn:28 October 1909 Died:17 August 1980 Website: He also known as Ko Ku, was an exponent of the Telugu literature in the 20th century. …Novelist, Writer28 Oct, 2018novelist writer
Anuradha PaudwalBorn: 27 October 1954 She is an Indian playback singer who works in Bollywood. She was awarded the Padma Shri,India’s fourth-highest civilian award, by the Government of …Artist, Singer27 Oct, 2018artist singer
Hridaynath MangeshkarBorn:26 October 1937 He  is a music director from India. He is the only son of noted musician Deenanath Mangeshkar and younger brother …Music, Singer26 Oct, 2018music singer
Ranjitram Vavabhai MehtaBorn:25 October 1881 Died:4 June 1917 He was a Gujarati language writer. He founded Gujarat Sahitya Sabha in 1904 and Gujarati Sahitya Parishad in 1905. …Writer25 Oct, 2018writer
R. K. LaxmanRasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Laxman Born:24 October 1921 Died:26 January 2015 He  was an Indian cartoonist, illustrator, and humorist. He was …Artist24 Oct, 2018artist
Aravind AdigaBorn: 23 October 1974 He is an Indo-Australian writer and journalist. His debut novel, The White Tiger, won the 2008 Man Booker Prize. His  second book, Between …Novelist, Writer23 Oct, 2018novelist writer
Raghubir SinghBorn:22 October 1942 Died:18 April 1999 He was an Indian photographer, most known for his landscapes and documentary-style photographs of …Artist22 Oct, 2018artist
Shammi Kapoor & Muzaffar AliShamsher Raj Kapoor Born:21 October 1931 Died:14 August 2011 He was an Indian film actor and director. He was a …Bollywood Celebrity, Poet21 Oct, 2018bollywood-celebrity poet
Virender SehwagBorn: 20 October 1978 He is a former Indian cricketer. Widely regarded as one of the most destructive batsmen of …Sports20 Oct, 2018sports
Subrahmanyan ChandrasekharBorn:19 October 1910 Died:21 August 1995 He was an Indian American astrophysicist who spent his professional life in the United …Scientist19 Oct, 2018scientist
Om Prakash PuriBorn:18 October 1950 Died:6 January 2017 He was an Indian actor who appeared in mainstream commercial Indian films, as well …Bollywood Celebrity18 Oct, 2018bollywood-celebrity
Anil KumbleBorn:17 October 1970 He is a former Indian cricketer and a former captain of Tests and ODIs, who played Tests …Sports17 Oct, 2018sports
Amit PanghalBorn :16 October 1995 He is an Indian amateur boxer. He won a gold medal at 2018 Asian Games. He won a bronze medal at …Sports16 Oct, 2018sports
A. P. J. Abdul KalamAvul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam Born:15 October 1931 Died:27 July 2015 website: He was an Indian scientist who served …Scientist15 Oct, 2018scientist
Ustad Shahid Parvez KhanBorn:14 October 1958 Website: He is an Indian classical sitar player from the Imdadkhani gharana. He belongs to the …Music14 Oct, 2018music
Ashok KumarBorn:13 October 1911 Died:10 December 2001 He born Kumudlal Ganguly, and also fondly called Dadamoni, was an Indian film actor …Bollywood Celebrity13 Oct, 2018bollywood-celebrity
Ehsaan NooraniBorn:12 October 1963 Website: He is an indian composer and guitarist. He is the part of the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio which …Bollywood Celebrity, Music12 Oct, 2018bollywood-celebrity music
Vijay P. Bhatkar & Amitabh BachchanVijay Pandurang Bhatkar Born: 11 October 1946 He is an Indian computer scientist, IT leader and educationalist. He is best …Bollywood Celebrity11 Oct, 2018bollywood-celebrity
R. K.NarayanRasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami Born: 10 October 1906 Died: 13 May 2001 He was an Indian writer known for his …Novelist, Writer10 Oct, 2018novelist writer
Amjad Ali KhanBorn: 9 October 1945 Website: He is an Indian classical sarod player, best known for his clear and fast ekhara …Music09 Oct, 2018music
G.N. RamachandranBorn: 8 October 1922 Died: 7 April 2001 Gopalasamudram Narayanan Ramachandran or G.N. Ramachandran was an Indian physicist who was known for …Scientist08 Oct, 2018scientist
T. K. Rama RaoBorn: October 7, 1929 Died: November 10, 1988 He was a novelist of Kannada literature. He became popular in the …Novelist07 Oct, 2018novelist
T. N. KrishnanBorn: 6 October 1928 He is a Carnatic music violinist. He was awarded the Madras Music Academy’s Sangeetha Kalanidhi in 1980. He is commonly grouped with Lalgudi Jayaraman and M.S. …Music06 Oct, 2018music
Madhumita BishtBorn: 5 October 1964 She is a former badminton player from West Bengal, India. She is an eight-time National singles …Sports05 Oct, 2018sports
Ram Chandra ShuklaBorn:4 October 1884 Died:2 February 1941 He is better known as Acharya Shukla, is regarded as the first codifier of the …Novelist, Writer04 Oct, 2018novelist writer
Pratima Barua PandeyBorn: October 3, 1934 Died: 27 December 2002 She was a popular folk singer. Barua Pandey, a national awardee, best …Singer03 Oct, 2018singer
Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur ShastriMohandas Karamchand Gandhi Born: 2 October 1869 Died: 30 January 1948 He was an Indian activist who was the leader …Leaders02 Oct, 2018leaders
Dr. Govindappa VenkataswamyBorn: 1 October 1918 Died: 7 July 2006 He was popularly known as ‘Dr. V.’ was an Indian ophthalmologist who …Scientist01 Oct, 2018scientist
Chand BardaiBorn:30 September 1149 Died:1200 He was an Indian poet, who composed Prithviraj Raso, an epic poem in Brajbhasa about the life of the Chahamana king Prithviraj Chauhan. …Poet30 Sep, 2018poet
Mehmood AliBorn :29 September 1932 Died:23 July 2004 He  was an Indian actor, singer, director and producer best known for playing comic …Bollywood Celebrity29 Sep, 2018bollywood-celebrity
Lata MangeshkarBorn:28 September 1929 She is an Indian playback singer and music director. She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in …Artist, Music, Singer28 Sep, 2018artist music singer
K. S. NarayanaswamyBorn:27 September 1914 Died:1999 He  was a Carnatic veena exponent of the Thanjavur style, in which nuances and subtleties are given more importance over rhythm …Artist27 Sep, 2018artist
Ishwar Chandra VidyasagarIshwar Chandra Bandyopadhyay Born:26 September 1820 Died: 29 July 1891 He  was a Bengali polymath from the Indian subcontinent, and a key figure of the Bengal …Writer26 Sep, 2018writer
Satish DhawanBorn:25 September 1920 Died:3 January 2002 He was an Indian mathematician and aerospace engineer, widely regarded as the father of experimental fluid dynamics research in India. …Scientist25 Sep, 2018scientist
Autar Singh PaintalBorn:24 September 1925 Died:21 December 2004 He was a medical scientist who made pioneering discoveries in the area of neurosciences and respiratory sciences. His major contribution …Scientist24 Sep, 2018scientist
Ramdhari Singh DinkarBorn: 23 September 1908 Died: 24 April 1974 He was an Indian Hindi poet, essayist, patriot and academic,who is considered as one of the …Poet23 Sep, 2018poet
Prathivadi Bhayankara SreenivasBorn:22 September 1930 Died:14 April 2013 He was a veteran playback singer from India. He was born in Kakinada in East Godavri …Music, Singer22 Sep, 2018music singer
Shriram SharmaBorn:20 September 1911 Died: 2 June 1990 He was a social reformer, a prominent philosopher, a visionary of the New Golden Era, and …Writer20 Sep, 2018writer
Suchitra MitraBorn:19 September 1924 Died:3 January 2011 She was an Indian singer, composer, exponent of Rabindra Sangeet or the songs of Bengal’s poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore, professor, and …Music, Singer19 Sep, 2018music singer
Kaka HathrasiPrabhu Lal Garg Born:18 September 1906 Died:18 September 1995 He was a Hindi satirist and humorist poet of India. He wrote under the pen name Kaka …Poet, Writer18 Sep, 2018poet writer
MF HussainMaqbool Fida Husain Born: 17 September 1915 Died: 9 June 2011) He was a modern Indian painter of international acclaim, and a …Artist17 Sep, 2018artist
M. S. SubbulakshmiMadurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi Born:16 September 1916 Died:11 December 2004 She was an Indian Carnatic singer from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. She was the first musician ever …Singer16 Sep, 2018singer
Sir M. VishweshvarayaBorn:15 September 1860 Died:2 April 1962 He was an Indian Chief civil engineer, scholar, statesman, politician and the 19th Diwan (Governor) of Mysore, …Leaders15 Sep, 2018leaders
Viren RasquinhaBorn:13 September 1980 He  is the former captain of India’s national field hockey team. He was a member of the Indian team that finished seventh …Sports13 Sep, 2018sports
Bibhutibhushan BandyopadhyayBorn:12 September 1894 Died:1 November 1950 He was an Indian Bengali author and one of the leading writers of modern Bengali literature. His best known …Writer12 Sep, 2018writer
Vinoba BhaveBorn:11 September 1895 Died:15 November 1982 He was an Indian advocate of nonviolence and human rights. Often called Acharya (Sanskrit for teacher), he is best known …Leaders, Writer11 Sep, 2018leaders writer
C. R. RaoCalyampudi Radhakrishna Rao Born: 10 September 1920 He is an Indian-American mathematician and statistician.  He is currently professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University and Research Professor at the University at Buffalo. …Scientist10 Sep, 2018scientist
Vikram BatraBorn: 9 September 1974 Died: 7 July 1999 He was an officer of the Indian Army, posthumously awarded with the …Indian Army09 Sep, 2018indian-army
Asha BhosleBorn:8 September 1933 She is an Indian singer. She is best known as a playback singer in Hindi cinema, although she has a …Music08 Sep, 2018music
Neeraj ChopraBorn: 24 December 1997 He  is an Indian track and field athlete, competes in the javelin throw. He represented India at 2018 Asian Games where he won the …Sports07 Sep, 2018sports
Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanBorn:5 September 1888 Died:17 April 1975 He  was an Indian philosopher and statesman who was the first Vice President of India(1952–1962) and the second President of …Leaders, Writer05 Sep, 2018leaders writer
Bajrang PuniaBorn: 26 February 1994  He is a freestyle wrestler from India. He works in Indian Railways on the post of TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner). He …Sports04 Sep, 2018sports
Vinesh PhogatBorn:25 August 1994 She is an Indian wrestler who comes from a successful background of wrestling with her cousins Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari, both international …Sports02 Sep, 2018sports
A R RehmanAllahrakka Rahman Born:6 January 1967 He is known professionally as A. R. Rahman, is an Indian music director, composer, singer-songwriter, and music …Music14 Jan, 2016music
Bankim Chandra ChaterjiBonkim Chondra Chattopadhyay Born:27 June 1838 Died:8 April 1894 He was an Indian writer, poet and journalist. He was the composer …Writer14 Jan, 2016writer
Chetan BhagatBorn: 22 April 1974 ( New Delhi, India ) He is an Indian author, columnist, screenwriter, television personality and motivational …Novelist, Writer14 Jan, 2016novelist writer
Jinson JohnsonBorn: 15 March 1991 He is an Indian middle-distance runner who specialises in the 800 and 1500 meters event. He participated in …Sports24 Dec, 2015sports
Ravindranath TagoreBorn:7 May 1861 Died:7 August 1941 He  was a Bengali polymath from the Indian subcontinent, who was a poet, musician and artist. He reshaped Bengali literature and music, …Novelist, Writer24 Dec, 2015novelist writer
Sarat Chandra ChattopadhyayTypography is the work of typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic designers, art directors, manga artists, comic book artists, graffiti artists, and …Novelist24 Dec, 2015novelist