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Kalaimamani Vikiraman

Born:19 March 1928

Died:1 December 2015

  • He a prolific Tamil writer and journalist.
  • He was always interested in journalism, especially handwritten magazines in his school days.
  • In his high school, he started publishing a magazine called Tamil Chudar which was acclaimed by Kalki Krishnamurthy, Rajaji and A.K. Gopal Chettiyar.
  • He is known more for his novels, particularly historical novels, than for his short stories.
  • He edited arguably the longest surviving Tamil literary magazine, Amudasurabhi, for well over five decades (1949–2002).
  • He is perhaps the only Tamil writer who has tried his hand in almost every genre, in addition to novel and short story, drama, poetry, travelogue and essay.
  • He has also written stories for children and books on history for the youth in simple Tamil.
  • Although he has received many accolades including the Kalaimamani title from the Tamil Nadu Government and an award from Tamil University, Thanjavur, for his literary achievements, he has admittedly a grievance that he is known only as a novelist and journalist, and not as a short story writer among the Tamil readers.

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