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Kaka Hathrasi

Prabhu Lal Garg

Born:18 September 1906

Died:18 September 1995

  • He was a Hindi satirist and humorist poet of India.
  • He wrote under the pen name Kaka Hathrasi. He chose “Kaka”, as he played the character in a play which made him popular, and “Hathrasi” after the name of his hometown Hathras.
  • He has 42 works to his credit, comprising a collection of humorous and satirical poems, prose and plays published by various publishers.
  • He also wrote three books on Indian classical music under the pen name “Vasant”.
  • In 1932, he established Sangeet Karyalaya (initially Garg and Co.), a publishing house for the books on Indian classical music and dance and started publishing a monthly magazine Sangeet in 1935.
  • Kaka Hathrasi had many talents – as a writer, poet, musician, musicologist, actor and a fine painter.
  • He was a regular performer of Hindi Kavi Sammelan. In fact, he was one of the poets who established Hasya (comic) Kavi on Kavi Sammelan stage.
  • He was awarded Padma Shri by the government of India in 1985.
  • The Delhi-based “Hindi Academy” awards the annual Kaka Hathrasi Award for outstanding contribution in the literary field.

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