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Jayanta Hazarika

Born: 20 September 1943

Died: 15 October 1977

  • He was an Assamese Indian singer and composer.
  • He wrote lyrics for a few songs and composed music for several movies.
  • In his short 34 years life span, he created many legendary songs that are still widely popular today in Assam.
  • Popularly known as Rana-da, he was the younger brother of Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.
  • He started his musical career accompanying his brother and later made his name as singer and composer on his own right.
  • He was the first Assamese composer to fuse western musical forms such as rock and roll, jazz and Western Classical with traditional Assamese melodies and created a new sound.
  • He was a pioneer in introducing several western instruments in his compositions.
  • His musical career began with him accompanying his brother Bhupen Hazarika in stages and recordings.
  • The first two songs Jayanta recorded with HMV were Aagoli botahe kopale kolore paat and Krishnachura Krishnachura which became instant hits and started his professional musical career.
  • In 1963, he did his first playback singing with the song Sonar baran pakhire tor along with Shyamal Mitra for the movie ‘Maniram Dewan’.
  • Bhupen Hazarika was the music director for this movie.
  • He along with Himangshu Biswas worked as assistant music director for this movie.
  • Thereafter Jayanta began full-time singing and music composition.
  • He worked as assistant music director for Bhupen Hazarika’s movie ‘Loti-Ghoti’ and ‘Chikmik Bijuli’.
  • He did small roles for two Assamese movies ‘Loti-Ghoti’ and ‘Chikmik bijuli’.

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