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Jatindra Charan Guho

Born: 13 March 1892

Died: 2 January 1972

  • He popularly known by his ring name Gobar Goho was a world-famous Indian wrestler and practitioner of Pehlwani.
  • He was the first Asian to win the World Light Heavyweight Championship in the United States in 1921.
  • He developed his own style of wrestling which took Indian wrestling into newer heights.
  • His style included his own wrestling holds like dhonka, tibbi, gadhanet, dhak, tang, pat, dhobiya pat and kulla which later became a part and parcel of Indian wrestling.
  • He was famous for his vicious chops known as radda. His achievements and success inspired Bengali Hindus to take up wrestling as a career which was seen as the traditional bastion of Muslims.
  • His own disciples included his son Manik and his students Banamali Ghosh, Jyotish Charan Ghosh and Biswanath Dutta.
  • His followers observed his birth centenary in 1992.

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