Hara Prasad Shastri

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Hara Prasad Shastri

Born: 6 December 1853

Died: 17 November 1931

  • He also known as Hara Prasad Bhattacharya, was an Indian academic, Sanskrit scholar, archivist, and historian of Bengali literature.
  • He is most known for discovering the Charyapada, the earliest known examples of Bengali literature.
  • He held numerous positions.
  • He became a professor at the Sanskrit College in 1883.
  • At the same time, he worked as an Assistant Translator with the Bengal government.
  • Between 1886 and 1894, besides teaching at the Sanskrit College, he was the Librarian of the Bengal Library.
  • In 1895 he headed the Sanskrit department at Presidency College.
  • He became Principal of Sanskrit College in 1900, leaving in 1908 to join the government’s Bureau of Information.
  • Also, from 1921–1924, he was Professor and Head of the Department of Bengali and Sanskrit at Dhaka University.

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