Guru Chenganoor Raman Pillai

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Guru Chenganoor Raman Pillai

Born: 16 January 1886

Died:11 November 1980 

He was a celebrated Kathakali artist from Kerala in south India.

He was known for his brilliant portrayal of the anti-heroic Kathi roles on stage, and was the head of palace kathakali yogam to the Travancore Maharaja in a career spanning almost 65 years.

He born in Chenganoor on 16 January 1886, was a specialist in the Kathakali southern style called Kapplingad, which gives prominence to abhinaya (acting).

He wrote Thekkan Chittayilulla Abhyasa Kramangal, considered one of the major training manuals on southern-style Kathakali.

He was a disciple of Thakazhi Kesava Panikker, Mathur Kunhupilla Panikker and Ambalappuzha Kunhikrishna Panikker.

He had his masterpieces in roles like Duryodhanan, Ravanan and Keechakan, Jarasandhan, Banan and Kamsan. 

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