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Gopi Krishna

Born:30 May 1903

Died:31 July 1984

  • He was a yogi; mystic; teacher; social reformer; and writer.
  • He was born in a small village outside Srinagar, in the Jammu and Kashmir State in northern India.
  • He spent his early years there, and later lived in Lahore, in the Punjab of British India.
  • He was one of the first to popularise the concept of Kundalini among Western readers.
  • His autobiography Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, which presented his personal account of the phenomenon of his awakening of Kundalini, (later renamed to Living with Kundalini),was published in Great Britain and the United States and has since appeared in eleven major languages.
  • According to June McDaniel, his writings have influenced Western interest in kundalini yoga.
  • In the light of Pandit Gopi Krishna’s experiences he himself has started to search the life of geniuses and enlightented persons in history for clues of kundalini awakening.
  • He proposed an organisation to be erected to conduct scientific research on the matter.
  • The research should, according to him, consist of research on biological processes in the body, psychological and sociological research of living persons.
  • According to Mr. Krishna the lives of historical persons should also be investigated.


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