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Geet Siriram Sethi

Born: 17 April 1961

  • He of India is a professional player of English billiards who dominated the sport throughout much of the 1990s, and a notable amateur (ex-pro) snooker player.
  • He is a six-time winner of the professional-level and a three-time winner of the amateur World Championships, and holder of two world records, in English billiards.
  • He, along with Prakash Padukone, has co-founded Olympic Gold Quest, a Foundation for the Promotion of Sports in India.
  • He won gold and silver medals in doubles and singles English billiards respectively at the 13th Asian Games (1998, Bangkok, Thailand).
  • He also won silver and bronze medals in doubles and singles English billiards respectively at the 14th Asian Games (2002, Busan, South Korea).
  • At the 15th Asian Games (2006, Doha, Quatar), he took bronze medal in English billiards (men’s doubles with Ashok Harishankar Shandilya).
  • He has announced plans to compete in the Olympic Games for India when cue sports are finally admitted as Olympic sports (long in-progress between the World Confederation of Billiard Sports and the International Olympic Committee).
  • His Sethi’s professional management agent, TNQ Sponsorship, commented that he “has been focussing[sic] on the sport with renewed enthusiasm” and “seems to be peaking at the right time”.

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