Gautam Radhakrishna Desiraju

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Gautam Radhakrishna Desiraju

Born: 21 August 1952

  • He is an Indian chemist who has contributed substantially to the themes of crystal engineering and weak hydrogen bonding.
  • He has authored books on these subjects.
  • He has co-authored a textbook in crystal engineering (2011).
  • He is one of the most highly cited Indian scientists and has been recognized by awards such as the Alexander von Humboldt Forschungspreis, the ISA Medal for Science 2018 of the University of Bologna and the TWAS Prize in Chemistry.
  • He served as President of the International Union of Crystallography for the triennium 2011–2014.
  • He has authored several commentaries on science, the evolution of chemistry as a subject, emergence and complexity, and research habits and practices in various cultures.
  • He has also written articles about the state of science education and research in India, and about the current status of chemistry research in India, where he has identified problems and suggested solutions in situations that are, in part, expected in a country that is rooted in the traditional but yet aspires for the contemporary.
  • His two authored books on crystal engineering and the weak hydrogen bond have around 3000 and 5000 cites each.
  • His 1995 review in Angewandte Chemie has been cited more than 3400 times.
  • Five of his 425 publications have been cited 1000 or more times, 24 over 200, and 55 over 100.
  • As of March 2018, he possesses an h-index of 88 Web of Science and this makes him one of the most highly cited scientists in India.

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