Ennackal Chandy George Sudarshan

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Ennackal Chandy George Sudarshan

Born: 16 September 1931

Died: 14 May 2018

  • He was an Indian theoretical physicist and a professor at the University of Texas.
  • He has been credited with numerous contributions to the field of theoretical Physics including Optical coherence, Glauber–Sudarshan representation, V-A theory, tachyons, quantum Zeno effect, open quantum system and Lindblad equation, spin-statistics theorem, non-invariance groups, positive maps of density matrices, quantum computation among others.
  • His contributions include also relations between east and west, philosophy and religion.
  • He made significant contributions to several areas of physics.
  • He was the originator (with Robert Marshak) of the V-A theory of the weak force (later propagated by Richard Feynman and Murray Gell-Mann), which eventually paved the way for the electroweak theory.
  • Feynman acknowledged his contribution in 1963 stating that the V-A theory was discovered by Sudarshan and Marshak and publicized by Gell-Mann and himself.
  • He also developed a quantum representation of coherent light later known as Glauber–Sudarshan representation (for which controversially Glauber was awarded the 2005 Nobel prize in Physics ignoring Sudarshan’s contributions).

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