Dhani Ram Chatrik

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Dhani Ram Chatrik

Born: 4 October 1876

Died: 18 December 1954

  • He was a Punjabi poet and typographer.
  • He is considered one of the pioneers of modern Punjabi poetry.
  •  He is known for having actively promoted Punjabi culture, language, and publications through his life’s works.
  • In 1926, he became the President of Punjabi Sahit Sabha, a Punjabi Literary Society.
  • He was the first person to standardize the typeset for Gurmukhi script, publish Guru Granth Sahib and Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha’s Mahan Kosh (the first Punjabi dictionary) by using the modern technique at his Sudarshan Printing Press.
  • He was a highly creative writer.
  • He used his composing skills to experiment with different genres of Punjabi.
  • He used simple and fresh vocabulary.
  • His use of metaphor, tone, and style was easy to understand by the masses.
  • It was more a descriptive or Qissa style.

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