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Chitti Babu

Born: 13 October 1936

Died: 9 February 1996

  • He was a classical musician from India, and arguably one of the greatest Veena artistes, in the Carnatic Music genre of South India, who became a legend in his own lifetime.
  • His name was synonymous with the musical instrument Veena, and he was and still is known in the Carnatic Music world, simply as Veena Chitti Babu.,
  • He even as a child of 12, was very focused and determined on becoming a performing classical musician, after the movie assignment.
  • He was inspired by the original style of Veena maestro Emani Sankara Sastry and was under his tutelage, learning all the nuances and honing his skills.
  • In 1979, he had also composed music for a Kannada movie called “Sri Raghavendra Mahime” that was also dubbed into Telugu.
  • However, the burning ambition inside him to continue to establish himself as an independent, freelancing solo concert artiste made him declare at a very young age – “Veena is my Mission in Life” and caused him to pursue a lifelong career as a performing artist, a goal from which he never wavered for the rest of his life.
  • His music could impress the connoisseurs and invoke the interest and curiosity of the youngsters as well, that always ensured that his concerts were a big draw in terms of audience.

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