Chand Bardai

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Chand Bardai

Born:30 September 1149


  • He was an Indian poet, who composed Prithviraj Raso, an epic poem in Brajbhasa about the life of the Chahamana king Prithviraj Chauhan.
  • The Prithviraj Raso was embellished with time and quite a few authors added to it.
  • There are many versions of Raso but scholars agree that a 1400 stanza poem is the real “Prithivraj Raso”,  In its longest form the poem comprises upwords of 10,000 stanzas.
  • The Prithviraj Raso is a source of information on the social and clan structure of the Kshatriya communities of northern India.
  • The historicity of Prithviraj Raso was proved unreliable by historians like Georg Bühler, Morrison, GH Ojha and Munshi Devi Prasad.

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