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Birendranath Sasmal

Born: 26 October 1881

Died: 24 November 1934

  • He was a lawyer and political leader.
  • He was known as Deshpran because of his work for the country and for his efforts in the Swadeshi movement.
  • For political reasons, the Midnapore district was proposed to divide into two by British Raj and Biren Sasmal started protested against it.
  • He toured the region and organized protest movements.
  • The proposal for partition was withdrawn.
  • He started practicing law at Calcutta High Court in 1904.
  • In 1913 leaving Calcutta High Court, Birendranath practiced in Midnapore District Court for a few years but later he again joined the High Court.
  • In the High Court, he defended the accused in the Chittagong Armed Robbery case.
  • He was jailed for nine-month by British Raj for calling a general strike during the visit of King George V to British India.
  • During his stay at Presidency Jail, he wrote his autobiography named Sroter Trina.

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