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Bidyut Prabha Devi

Born: 12 July 1926

Died: 28 January 1977

  • She was an Odia poet from India.
  • She is recognized as one of the best female poets in Odia literature.
  • She started writing poems from 1940 and subsequently, her poems were published in literary magazines, with her elder sister Basanti who had written some poems.
  • She published her first collection of poems Sabita in 1944, which has mostly patriotic poems relating to the glory and grandeur of the land of Orissa.
  • Though educated in an urban area, her poems reflect the memory of the rural life of her childhood.
  • Considerably influenced by two Odia poets, Nanda Kishore Bal and Kunja Bihari Das, her poems deal with the problem of women that exist in an age-old conservative society.
  • She also wrote plays and some children’s literature.
  • Her complete works of poems were published as Bidyutprabha Sanchayan in 1957.

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