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Baiju Dharmajan

Born: 7 March 1968

  • He is an Indian guitarist, music composer, producer, and guitar tutor based out of Kochi, Kerala.
  • A celebrated musician in his own country, he had an extended stint during the 2000s as the lead guitarist of the Indian rock band Motherjane.
  • He has been nicknamed the “God of Small Strings” by his fans.
  • He is particularly noted for his winding, Carnatic-inspired, and enduring guitar solos.
  • He was the lead guitarist for Motherjane from 1999 through 2010, during which the band released two full-length albums– ‘Insane Biography’ in 2003 and ‘Maktub’ in 2008.
  • The band was a popular live act in India in the 2000s and played at many festivals.
  • He has a major influence on the Carnatic musical style in his guitar riffs and solos.
  • The other songs on the album Maktub are audibly influenced by Carnatic elements as well.
  • Songs such as Mindstreet and Fields of Sound firmly describe Baiju’s tonality.

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