Autar Singh Paintal

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Autar Singh Paintal

Born:24 September 1925

Died:21 December 2004

  • He was a medical scientist who made pioneering discoveries in the area of neurosciences and respiratory sciences.
  • His major contribution to the world of Science is the development of a single-fiber technique for recording afferent impulses from individual sensory receptors.
  • He discovered several sensory receptors including atrial B receptors, pulmonary J-receptors, ventricular pressure receptors, stomach stretch receptors, and muscle pain receptors.
  • He later became Director of the Vallabhai Patel Chest Institute.
  • He was also the first Principal of University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi.
  • He subsequently was elevated to Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research and he was also the founder president of Society of Scientific Values.
  • He received Padma Vibhushan(1986).
  • He Honorary member of American Physiological Society.

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