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Anil Laul

Born: 6 August 1944

Died: 5 July 2016

  • He was an Indian architect and author of Green is Red, who worked on systems designs, primarily in development of Appropriate Building materials and technologies facilitating usage of locally available materials and empowering local human resources.
  • He was a member of INTACH, and advisor to HUDCO and Delhi Urban Arts Commission, who also co-authored many housing policies of several states of India.
  • He received several awards for his projects listed as UNCHS Good Practices.
  • He was listed as a well-known architect of India in John T. Lang’s book A Concise History of Modern Architecture in India.
  • He wrote the book “Green is Red” and founded “Anangpur Building Centre” (ABC) in Faridabad, India to work independently on cost effective sustainable building materials, technologies and earthquake engineering.
  • He conducted hands on workshops and trained several enthusiasts.
  • Details of his inventions and projects can be found at 

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