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Kliponar is a concept of making spontaneous changes to the Klipinterest Logo as a mark of respect for the lives of famous artists, pioneers, scientists, and other personalities. It is the first ever thought to update facebook cover photo every day to remember notable events.

How did the thought for Kliponar concept originate?

In mid- 2018, the team of Klipinterest- an initiative by ALLEN Career Institute Pvt. Ltd., was thinking upon how to honor the gems of India, who has given or are giving their great contribution to our country in various fields. Then, after so many thoughts and discussions, we take inspiration from Google Doodle and the idea of decorating the Klipinterest logo to commemorate notable events was born.

How did the name ‘Kliponar’ originate?

After the long discussion among the team members, we decided to give it a name Kliponar (Klip + Honor) as we are clipping the brief details about the personalities while honoring them through art.

Who chooses what Kliponar will be created?

Klipinterest team brainstorm regularly and decides which events will be celebrated with a Kliponar for the particular day.

Who designs the Kliponar?

There is a team of designers and thinkers that are behind each and every Kliponar you see.

How can the public submit ideas for Kliponar?

Klipinterest team is always excited to hear ideas from users – they can email with ideas for the next Kliponar.